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2012 in film

As I have been doing for several years, I will below rank all the 2012 films I saw in the year of their release (i.e., this year). I saw 10 films released to theaters this year (though one I did not see until it was recently broadcast on Starz).
  1. Argo
  2. Lincoln
  3. The Avengers
  4. Skyfall
  5. The Dark Knight Rises
  6. Moonrise Kingdom
  7. Brave
  8. To Rome with Love
  9. The Pirates! Band of Misfits
  10. The Hunger Games
Pretty good year. None of the above films were bad, and the top 3-4 were very good. The last 4 are basically a tie.

Like in years past, I also saw two direct-to-DVD super hero animated films released this year: Justice League: Doom and Superman Vs. The Elite. The latter was good, the former not so much.

There are still several 2012 releases I'd like to see. Specifically Beasts of the Southern Wild, Amazing Spider-Man, The Master, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Gnaw and I had discussed possibly seeing that last one tomorrow.

For reference, this link will take you to a page with all the posts containing my annual movie rankings from 2006-2012. I notice that in some years I list films I still need to see (like I've done above). I thought it'd be interesting to revisit and see if I actually ended up seeing them:
  • 2011 - None listed.
  • 2010 - None listed.
  • 2009 - None listed.
  • 2008 - Two listed. Saw both.
  • 2007 - Five listed. Saw four (have not seen Walk Hard).
  • 2006 - Five listed. Saw all five.
Not bad, though in a few cases it was several years before I actually saw them. I guess I should look into Walk Hard.

Happy new year!
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