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They don't care about you, like I do. [entries|friends|calendar]

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New journal [3-4-06 at 1am]
I made a new journal: the new name is awyeah_awyeah. If you're on my friends list now and would still like to be on it, just add me on my new name.

I made a new one because I want to start fresh on a new journal.
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I'm so bored. [2-7-06 at 7pm]
[ mood | bored ]

9 lasts
1. cigarette: months ago i rarely ever have smoked..and not many people know that i've tried it =X
2. beverage: iced tea
3. kiss: nick of course
4. hug: nick
5. movie seen: united flight 93..it was a tv movie though
6. cd played: blood sugar sex magik
7. song listened to: Let Me Go by Cake
8. bubble bath: don't remember
9. time you cried: can't remember

8 have you evers
1. dated one of your best friends: yea..maybe not best friend but good friend. well not anymore.
2. skinny dipped: no
3. kissed somebody and regretted it: yes, two.
4. fallen in love: yes
5. lost someone you loved: yea
6. been depressed: yes
7. been drunk and threw up: nope
8. ran away: not really

7 states you've been to
1. NY (obviously)
2. California
3. Virginia
4. New Jersey
5. Connecticut
6. Florida
7. That's it

6 things you've done today
1. school
2. homework
3. vacuumed
5. layed on the couch
6. watched tv

5 favorite things in no order
1. Snoopy
2. Music
3. Nick
4. Friends
5. Family

4 people you can tell anything to in no order
1. Mom
2. Nick
3. Katy
4. Jackie & Rikki (i couldn't pick just 4)

3 wishes
1. to get married and have a family
2. to stay in love
3. to get a brother or sister. but that's never going to happen :( haha

2 things you want to be when you grow up
1. Speech Pathologist
2. Mother

1 thing you regret
1. 7th grade

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Thinking.. [1-19-06 at 6pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I was just thinking before about how it's really weird how things work out. It's like, they work out when you don't expect them to. I think I started thinking of it because i'm listening to that Blink 182 song that was popular when I was in 9th grade. I remember it was always on FUSE, the music video with the two girls in weird makeup making out.

So anyway, that song reminds me of the beginning of 2004, when I got my first kiss and ended up regretting who it had been with, and then meeting Nick through that whole thing. When I had been "dating" I don't even know what you would call it, Nick's friend Skye. And then I remembered being at Skye's for superbowl that year, and Nick was there..and I did some stuff I wasn't proud of doing. But when I think back, I definitely made a bigger deal of it than it was. I was distraut about it for a long time, but now I realize that these things happen. I guess because it was the first time I've ever been with a guy and it just hurt because it didn't work. But whatever, even though it was only two years ago, i've matured a lot and think of things much differently.

Anyway, after the whole Skye thing I started to like Nick. He would talk to me online, and was the first guy I really talked on the phone with. I remember him telling me he was sitting in his room and I used to imagine what his house looked like or what he had in his room. It sounds weird but I remember thinking about it. And then we decided to hang out in town one night. I brought Rikki because I was scared to go alone. Nick had a few of his friends. We weren't really talking and I was trying to find ways to impress him or something, but he didn't really get it. I think he was under the impression that nothing was going to happen and that we were only friends. After that night, I found out that he had liked someone else before he met me, and that he thought that the other relationship was going somewhere. I was pretty much shocked that right after the whole thing with his friend now this was happening. I was upset but I got over it. We stopped talking and occasionally I would want to talk to him, but I was afraid to. I remember having a conversation with my mom one day in the car about boys. She asked me what happened to Nick because she remembered me talking to him and hanging out with him. I told her that we just stopped talking, and I added that if he were to start liking me for some reason that I would go out with him. Because I guess sort of in the back of my mind he was still there and I missed the little time that we had spent together.

Then came the summer, where weird things happened and I won't go there because it sickens me to think about it. Then came August 7th. I don't know why I remember the date. But I'm good with dates sometimes. Anyway, I was away from my computer and I come back and I had an IM. It was from Nick. I found it so weird because we hadn't talked in months. He was just like "hey, we haven't talked in a while, how are things?" and stuff like that. I just remember being happy and that I was glad we were talking again. Then out of nowhere about a day later he asked me to hang out. At that point I was just happy he was back, and I did miss hanging out with a guy. So we went to the movies during the day, and I remember seeing an ex boyfriend of mine there while I was waiting. And he asked what I was doing and I told him proudly that I was waiting for my date to show up. I didn't know if it was really a date but I wanted it to be. We had a really fun time, talking and laughing and it was almost as if we had been friends the entire time. We talked on the phone a lot those next few days, and he told me that he thinks he hasn't gotten a girlfriend because he hasn't been asking the right girls. I kind of knew what was coming but I pretended like I didn't. Then he told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, obviously. And now here we are, almost a year and a half later. Its really weird how I thought I would never talk to him again and now here we are.

That was probably a really annoying entry for most of you, but I haven't updated in a while and that's what was on my mind. It's cool to think back and wonder why or how things turned out the way they did.

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You got a lotta nerve. [1-11-06 at 7pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Bob Dylan "Positively Fourth Street"

You got a lotta nerve
To say you are my friend
When I was down you just stood there grinning

You got a lotta nerve
To say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on tyhe side that's winning

You say I let you down
You know it's not like that
If you're so hurt why then don't you show it?

You say you lost your faith
But that's not where it's at
You had no faith to lose and you know it

I know the reason
That you talk behind my back
I used to be among the crowd you're in with

Do you take me for such a fool
To think I'd make contact
With the one who tries to hide
What he don't know to begin with

You see me on the street
You always act surprised
You say, "How are you?" "Good luck"
But you don't mean it

When you know as well as me
You'd rather see me paralyzed
Why don't you just come out once and scream it

No, I do not feel that good
When I see the heartbreaks you embrace
If I was a master thief perhaps I'd rob them

And now I know you're dissatisfied
With your position and your place
Don't you understand it's not my problem

I wish that for just one time
You could stand inside my shoes
And just for that one moment I could be you

Yes, I wish that for just one time
You could stand inside my shoes
You'd know what a drag it is to see you

You just don't get it. [1-2-06 at 9pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Lets see..life is so not exciting.

Christmas was cool. I got an autographed sheet music of Californication. I was quite happy. Umm I also got some cute clothes and a nice jacket and two Mindless Self Indulgence CDs and the rent soundtrack. I got other cool stuffs too.

Nick got me the Sims Nightlife aww :) we had fun the day after Christmas. I'm glad to have spent another Christmas with him. Speaking of, I went to his Uncle's for Christmas Eve, it was awesome. I was nervous about meeting everyone but once we got there it was a lot of fun. There was sooo much food, they're italian so there were 7 types of fish. It was amazing. I was so full though haha. Everyone was really nice and when I left Nick said they really liked me and that they said a lot of nice things about me and they want me back next year! Awesome.

New Years..we won't go there..mm..yea.

And now vacation is over. It's very sad. Oh well.

I'm on an MSI hype and it's all I've been listening to, pretty much. I really like them. They're crazy and they're music is cracked out & stuff.

That's it.

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Here I am. [12-6-05 at 9pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I'm feeling pretty good lately. I'm happy with myself, most of the time. But I do feel that some of my friendships have been getting stronger, but others are deteriorationg. It's kind of sad to think about it. That someone you were once a good friend with slowly drifts away. I guess it's nobody's fault, it just happens. I try not to think about it too much. But I do. I'm not sure what to do in these situations so I just tend to avoid it. I guess it's unhealthy, but that's the way I seem to deal with it.

On a better note, I got a "job". A babysitting job. So far, I have three. For the next two saturdays i'm helping Nick babysit his two little cousins. I'm excited actually. Then, in a few weeks, i'm babysitting Nick's two neighbors. Their mom's been needing a babysitter and Nick's mom suggested that I do it. So I am. It's good to be able to make some extra cash and being responsible. I'm happy for myself.

Tomorrow i'm entering a writing contest. My English teacher asked me if I would be interested because it offers a scholarship. I have to submit a piece of my writing, and then, they give you a topic. We have to write an essay impromptu. Basically, they give us a topic, we just write about it. Mr. Morris says he thinks I have a very good chance and thats why he chose me. So hopefully I get something out of this. I really have nothing to lose, though.

All in all I guess you could say things are pretty good. School's good, everything's..good.

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[11-18-05 at 11pm]
[ mood | cold ]

1. Went to school at Grand Ave.
2. Got my first "boyfriend".
3. Was a lot shorter.

1. Started dating Nick
2. Was a sophomore.
3. Felt closer to people?

1. Hung out with Nick
2. Fell asleep in Sociology
3. Watched ER.

1. Felt awake the whole day.
2. Went to town with people
3. Froze my invisible balls off.

1. Californication
2. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle
3. A lot of Red Hot's songs.

1. California
2. Nick's house
3. Anywhere

Today was good. Mr. Murphy had an extra rainbow cookie from King Kullen and those are my favorite so he gave one to me. And then he said "Just try not to fall asleep during the movie" and of course the whole class did the stupid traditional "OoOoOoOoOo" And then this kid Chris who sits next to me was like "A-duhrr a-duhrr yea he does notice ahurrr!" And then some other kid goes "WAY TO SLEEP!" And i'm just like HI TARDS EFF YOU ! I never go to sleep in class EVER and the one day i'm exhausted and we're watching a civil war movie I just decide to put my head down and am "OoOOoOed" at for it. DUMB.

Tonight I went to town with Jackie, Michelle, Dave, Colleen, and Jackie's friends Dave and Wayne and then Becky's friend Kyle who Jackie talks to. It was freezing. And basically Jackie and Michelle were hooking up with those guys and i'm just sitting there with that kid Kyle and it was so..random. And I just wanted to go someplace warm. We wound up leaving at 9ish because it was freezing and then Jackie's mom took us to get McDonald's and then brought us home. It was cool, I got to see Michelle and we talked and it was cool because I love that girl and haven't seen her in a while. Michelle I bet you're reading this but unlike you I won't have 2414657 people from like Ohio and Wyoming commenting me haha.

Now i'm here. Probably gonna call Nick soon. He said tonight him and his friend's are going to get Quan drunk to help him get his mind off his uncle who died a few days ago. Nick said he wasn't going to get drunk so hopefully he didn't.

Tomorrow I'm going to Nick's Uncle Joe and Aunt Nancy's :) They're awesome. And she's having a baby soon aww! I thought Nick said they were naming her Isabel but it turns out he was talking about Mr. Steckle's baby? Yea I was confused. Anyways, goodnight.


Oh, it makes me wonder. [11-7-05 at 6pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm updating because i'm bored.

Well I just found out that Bellmore is basically the only school district that doesn't have off for election day tomorrow! Awesome. I just love our district.

I didn't sleep a lot last night. But the weird thing is I was pretty awake most of the day. We had an assembly about the Blood Drive at the end of November. Now you can be 16 to donate with parental consent. Too bad I don't meet the weight requirement. You have to weigh 110 and I just..don't. Unless I gain 15 pounds in about two weeks. But i'm horrible at gaining weight and never could and doctors were always trying to shove nutrition shakes down my throat so I could gain weight. And everyone is always like OMFG UR 95 POUNDS THATS SO UNHEALTHYYY. Well actually for me it's not and I'm perfectly happy with the way I look and I don't have a problem being underweight.

I don't know what else to write about. I'm just lacking in the writing mood today. Well, tomorrow we get to cook in Spanish so that's sort of a plus because it should be kind of fun.

The song Stairway to Heaven makes me very sad. It reminds me of dying but in a peaceful way. Nick told me that it was Steve's (his step-dad who died recently) ringtone and I thought that was even more sad because he died and he was a really nice guy and shouldn't have. Well, that's my story.

I might as well go now. Sorry for the boring entry.

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Ooh La La [10-25-05 at 8pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I need a new layout. Not sure where to get a good one. I looked around. nothing special.

anyone wanna see saw 2 with me this friday? I wanna see it but I don't know who to go with. If I can't find anyone to come then I might go with nick & his friends but..if i can find a friend/group of people to go that'd be cool so it's not just me & 5 guys seeing it.

Today was rainy. Nothing exciting happened. Mr. Murphy told us that we're all bad people because if one of our friends/someone close to us broke the law we wouldn't tuurn them in. He said he would make a citizens arrest if he caught his wife stealing a candy bar & that we have no morals or ethics if we wouldn't. Mr. Murphy is awesome but that's just rediculous but it caused a 20 minute conversation/arguement. That class is fun though.

I have off first period tomorrow :) Get to sleep an extra 15 minutes or so. My mom has to be in work by 8 though so I still have to get to school around 7:45.


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Hooray for weekends [10-23-05 at 12pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

my weekend was good for the most part :)

friday i went out with katy jackie & michelle. we were gonna see the fog but it was sold out so we just hung out. which was good cuz then we heard the fog sucked. we went to international delights cafe and got dessert. we saw a guy that looked like this guy chris that jackie & michelle know so michelle asked him for his screenname haha. it was interesting. then nick came because some shit happened before that he did and it made me really upset even though i know its not a big deal but it gets to me because of what goes on in my family and stuff with it. so i got really mad/upset but i realized that people are gonna do it and we're teenagers and whatever so i got over it. i love nick so much and i could tell he was really sorry and i really appreciated that he came to let me know he was okay and that he really was sorry. it made me feel really good again and i just hugged him for a long time and yea this sounds gay probably but i don't care.

so then after nick left we saw kathryn and her boyfriend mike, they're so cute together. and then we saw clarissa and her boyfriend mark and they look cute together too aww so it was cute. oh we also saw fat tom and his friend james who are EVERYWHERE. and they always come up and talk to us and DONT LEAVE US ALONE. they were hanging out with 14 year olds and they're like..19 and 20. yea that's really cool guys. oh and they kill fish! awesome. if only I could be like them.

then on saturday nick came over :) we were supposed to go to the mall with tim and erica but it was raining a lot and erica's mom didnt want her driving so instead we all went to nick's house. nick's neighbor was over with her two little girls. nick's mom told her that i should babysit them and i definitely would cause i could use the money and they're cute little kids and nick's house is right there so if there was a problem i could just call them. then we played clue and i let the little one kathleen help me play. and she tought us to play "bubble gum bubble gum in a dish" and it was cute. we all had a nice time and we just hung out and squirted erica's silly string everywhere haha. so nick you have to hook me up with this babysitting job :) kayyythankyou. then after erica and tim left thomas called nick and said he was coming over even though it was pouring and 11 oclock at night. he came with all his friends and then my mom picked me up. so it turned out to be a fun night.

now i'm just hanging out waiting for my mom to get back so we can go to the mall. i haven't been to the mall in a while. then after that i'm going to my grandparent's for their anniversary and probably having dinner there. so i won't be home for a while. comment ♥

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We are now accepting callers for these pendant keychains.. [10-17-05 at 5pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

today isss monday. but it wasn't a bad one. it was semi decent for a monday.

first off, it didn't rain! i got to wear my hair straight :-D. hmm so i presented my birth defect project in child development. i did cystic fibrosis. but half the glass had to be gheyo and talk during it. i gave the girls dirty looks haha. i'm so cool. not really. anyway, then i took a us history quiz that i probably failed. then i went to pizza with lunch but colleen and jen never showed because it turned out they went to 7-11, sooo i sat with christina and kate and then this girl amanda. she was talking about something that she didnt wanna have sex til marriage i was like aww thats so catholic of her thats so cute. most of the time its like "so i fucked tyrell in da closet at that ill party omgz i was so high i havent got my period in a month i tink im preggerzz!!1" with all these damn hoeszz.
oh and mrs. man is going to prom? wonder if she'll SHOW UP TO IT. because ahem she has a tendency to not show up to things. cough cough.

heeeenyways, i came home today and *suprise* didn't take a nap! it's amazing. so i did homework, because i'm a nerd, and then just hung out. watched some tv. ate some nachos. that sorta thing.

and now here i am. here's a survey for you to look at if you're feeling the need to know some personal info about me.

Read more...Collapse )

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You're ill but, i'm iller. [10-11-05 at 7pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wow so this weekend was eventful. and fun.

okay friday i hung out with my parents ♥ cause i'm a nice daughter. we went to Runyon's for dinner in Massapequa and I had this tortellini dish it was good. then i came home and we rented airplane which was so funny and i loved it. then i..did nothing for the rest of the night.

saturday was better. i went to nick's for dinner because his cousins susan and marlyse were over and his uncle was over. they're my favorite cousins of nick's (shh dont tell ;) ) and we had potroast and nicks mom said "so how did you guys like it?" and marlyse goes "good but no offense my mom makes it better" haha i wanted to die. i thought it was funny. oh and nick got his LUMINA! HOLLAAAA. haha. it's nice. except the brakes squeak and the blinkers are retarded but whatever it's nice. we tried to unlock the radio because it was on theft lock for like..years. but i gave nick the wrong unlock code that the 800 number gave us because i'm stupid. but he finally got it unlocked the next day. so then we went to east meadow bowling for becky's birthday and it was cool because we just hung out and..bowled and sucked at it. so it was me nick becky katy dan teri and becky's "date" who reminded me of napoleon dynamite without the hair..haha sorry becky i love you :-p and it was cool. we had fun.

sunday i did NOTHING. i ate lunchables that was about it. sad i know. oh but rikki got her tongue pierced!!!?? i was so suprised when she told me. but it looks cool. she can't talk right though. but it's cool. actually, the only thing that really happened sunday was that nick stoppped over with quan for about 5 minutes. quan called my dad sir haha. after they left my dad was like "does the asian one go on dates a lot? because the girl's fathers would like him, he's polite." hahaha i was dying. then my mom asked me if he was smart in school and i said i don't know, why? so she said "i dont know i thought asians were smart." wow my moms not stereotypical or anything :-p

monday nick came over and he made me homemade tomato sauce :) it was so good. and then we watched the butterfly effect which was a really good movie but sort of confusing. then we hung out for a little and then he left.

now here i am. oh and DAN AND KATY ARE GOING OUT AWWWW ♥ ♥ ♥ thats so cute i wanted to cry. but yea i'm happy for her she deserves it. awwwww.


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Hello Everyone [10-5-05 at 7pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

damn haven't updated since september. well a lot has gone on i guess but i'm not updating about my entire two weeks.

so basically..stuffs been good. the past few weekends were a lot of fun. two weekends ago was the bellmore street fair, and i went every day. i basically lived there haha, well it's like a 2 minute walk from my house. so we met these kids that nick and his friends know..but secretly don't like. haha weird. and his friend who liked michelle? he was weird and i told her she can't tap that :) and he tried to light jackie's fish on fire. and then we met this random kid corey who doesn't remember anything? we were like oh so whats your last name and he's like "shit i forgot". and he forgot our name every 5 seconds. but he keeps condoms in his pocket lmao. weird shit. so i had fun that weekend. it was interesting. oh i also saw mike mannion! haha i haven't seen him since like 8th grade. he got really skinny and grew. i didn't think it was him but it was. cool stuffs.

last weekend was cool too. saw corpse bride with jackie on friday, it was our "date". there was like no one in the theater except us and a few random people and then one of my ex boyfriends and one of rikkis ex boyfriends lol. but whatevvv. then we go outside and who pulls up and gets out to talk to us but that fat tom guy and his friend who likes michelle. so they were talking to us about knives and weird stuff and i was like ok? and then tom said "yea i might be fat but at least i'm an attractive one" hmmm ok? so then we saw corey again and he had no clue who we were. haha wow. so then saturday was homecoming, i went with nick and his friends and then wound up sitting by christina kate and erica and sorta close to jackie too. we lost :( and matt and robyn didn't win homecoming king and queen which they should've but oh well. it was still fun. then i went to rikkis saturday night with jackie and she drove us to dunkin donuts and then we had to walk home. but she got her boyfriend ryan to pick us up. hes so nice. he came all the way from plainview for her awwww.

then school was monday. but then we had tuesday and today off!! yay. tuesday nick took me to the green cactus grill to get lunch. it was good. then at night i went to town with jackie and col. we wound up meeting up with jen and amanda and then kathryn and melissa came. so towards the end of the night katy came out of the pool hall with dan (who she should go out with and hopefully will) alex and jackie. colleen's mom was supposed to be picking everyone up around that time so instead of going home katy asked if i wanted to go over to applebee's with them. i hope they didn't get mad but i figured since we were leaving in a few minutes anyway i might as well go and then have my mom pick me up. so that's what i did. i thought alex like hated me but apparently not because he was being nice. i had a nice time. dan was flirting with katy the wholeee time it was so cute. i hope they go out.

today i went to radio shack with nick because chris preattle broke his phone. uhh idiot. so now nick has a new samsung black phone and its hot. i hope he can get his info from his old phone back. he said he needs a data transporter or something? yea i don't know but i hope he gets all his phone numbers and ringtones and pictures back. except the one of someoneeee with a bad tooth to gum ratio :) who gives me dirty looks :) hooray.

um so thats it. comments are cool.

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blah =\ [9-21-05 at 7pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

ugh i've been pretty stressed out the past few days. i barely got any sleep last night cuz today was the first day back since i was sick and i knew i was gonna have a lot of shit to make up and ughh i don't like it.

so basically i came home early friday because my throat was killing me and i felt like crap. i slept most of the rest of the day. then saturday comes and i still feel crappy, only then my nose was stuffed and it felt like i was getting a cough. i couldn't go out saturday, but instead nick came over to keep me company and help me feel better which made me very happy. even though i felt crappy most of the day/night. woke up sunday with a really bad cough, i could barely breathe right and i sounded like a dog barking or something when i coughed. it was really gross. so my mom said not to go to school tomorrow so she could take me to the doctor. turns out i have a sinus infection..i thought it just might be a bad cold but obviously not. so he put me on antibiotics. and i really hate how the antibiotics are treating me :( i have to take two pills once a day, at the same time, with food. and then, two hours later, i get a horrible taste in my mouth, it's the taste of the medicine. like if you've ever had to take a pill and accidentally bite into it and it leaves a really nasty taste. plus the medicine has been making my stomach feel weird, almost like i have hunger pains but i'm not hungry, and it's just uncomfortable. i'll be off them on monday though so hopefully i should start feeling good.

so i stayed home an extra day to rest and i went back to school today. i have to make up 3 tests, but i get to do the social studies quiz during class tomorrow and i have to take the spanish test during my lunch tomorrow. and then i have to stay after to take the math test, and then i have to come right home because i have an orthopedist appointment. so everythings just pretty stressful right now and i'm just hoping to get these tests over with and hoping to hear good news from the orthopedist cuz i'm always a little worried whenever i go because sometimes it's good news and then other times it's not. but usually it's good news, soo wish me luck..

now i have a shitload of homework to do and make up, they'll probably give me a few days to make it up but i'll just try to get as much of it done as i can. and hopefully i'll get more than four hours of sleep tonight..

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Reluctantly crouched at the starting line. [9-12-05 at 7pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i'm in such a good mood for some reason haha i don't know why. since it's monday.

anyway so today was kind of okay. i had chem lab first period and we had to wear goggles again to work with rulers and a beaker. wow whatever. so basically i hate the goggles and they leave a mark on your face and they make your face sweat but whatever guys i have to play it safe! yay for safety.
oh and go me for getting a 100 on my first chem quiz ♥ momma is so pah-roud.

the rest of the day was eh. we had fire drills every other period. oh and in mrs. weiss's class for the homework, she won't write out God. instead, she wrote G-d. Like one of the answers were "G-d Given Rights." i'm like wtf woman it's in the textbook you can write God. I was confused at first at what it spelled then I realized it was God but she wouldn't spell it out? uhmmmm we still say one nation under God in the pledge so you can type it on a piece of paper.

RANDOM FACT TIME! my new bra (yes i'm announcing this) has jelly inside it! it's so fun. haha i normally wouldn't be sharing this but in this mood i feel it's necessary. it's quite cool. it makes me look like i have boobs guys! for real this time. really.

so right now i'm all done with my homework. i've been listening to cake non stop still. along with dancing around to their songs in my panties. don't worry guys i'm not naked. i'm so confident of my body :) i'm sportin my ac/dc shirt tomorrow :) new clothing apparel for dana. and i've decided to straighten my hair even though it's supposed to be hot out tomorrow. i just feel like it. the end!

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ummm bitches [9-6-05 at 7pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

k let me start off this entry by saying I HATE MATH :) mr. schiralli is an annoyance to society and should not be teaching math. it's the first day we're really doing stuff and im bored as hell in that class. the worst part is i have to work with some nasty bitches that i don't like. and they think they can take advantage of me and shit cuz they're all somewhat friends and i hate them but whatever. we had to do group work and someone had to present and they're all "OMG WE VOTE DANA TO DO IT LOLZ CUZ WE ARE COOLER DEN HERR." so they do this whole "eeny meeny miny mo" thing to choose who would present and the girl made it so that it would land on me and im like "do you think i'm retarded". seriously this year i've decided i only have a year left of these people so i'm not going to give a shit what anyone says. and i'll say whatever the hell i want now. so then the other girls started laughing that she purposely picked me and i'm just like what is this fucking first grade? so it turns out..i didn't have to present :) it wasn't the fact that i didnt really want to i just didn't wanna give in to them so they think they can take advantage of me. so MATH SUCKS. like a lot.

the rest of my day was good because i actually know people in my other classes. and now i don't have any homework because i only got like one thing and i did that already so now i just get to chill out. only 3 more days until the weekend thank god. and only approximately 177 school days until summer? yea i think so. i'll be counting down.

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weird stuff..check it out. [9-5-05 at 9pm]
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rhyming, chiming, got me working all the time. [9-5-05 at 8pm]
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today i just found out some interesting stuff. it's lame but interesting haha. well i found out all the kids who were in my preschool class by looking at the graduation program thing. one of them suprisingly was chris preattle, one of nick's best friends. and then my mom was like, yea thats the kid who lives by mepham and you went to his birthday party. and i remember that party because it was traumatizing. his mom attatched balloons to our feet and we had to run around in his basement trying to pop everyone elses balloons before someone popped ours. idk whose idea this was because making three and four year olds pop balloons is like terrifying, because i hated the sound of popping balloons and so do most little kids. and all the boys at the party were like pummeling me because i was the smallest and i started to cry lmao. i can't believe that was chris preattle's house haha. crazy shit. and what's funny is nick says nobody has ever been in his house because he never has people come over or come in his house, but I WAS IN IT ha. yea i'm lame.

i also found out that the two kids i used to like in preschool go to my school and are sophomores. and i remember one of the kids had a pretty mom with long blonde hair and i went up to her and told her that she was pretty haha. i looked them up in the year book and i was like woa thats who it is? cuz one of them i see all the time and he was going out with this girl and i would always see them together. i just thought it was funny because the preschool i went to was like a small one at a church and i didn't think people i knew had gone there because nobody i'm friends with did.

ok well tomorrow is school again blahh. I already started the 31st..which was incredibly pointless because we only went for two days and then had 4 days off for labor day weekend. most schools now are starting tomorrow or wednesday. my cousins start tomorrow, and then there's michelle and derry who go to catholic school and start like the 13th..grrrr lucky bitches. my teachers are okay, except for mrs. weiss. i don;t even know where to begin so i'm not even going to try and get into that woman. and then there's mr. schiralli. i can honestly say i don't think i've met such a flambouyant homosexual who looks like that. he looks the complete opposite of gay, but he definitely is. i was like..holy shit when i heard the voice and hand gestures that came out of that man. he also has a nervous twitch. and nick and everyone else who had him said he sucks. oh well. umm that's about it. comment :)

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Summers over :( [8-29-05 at 10pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

rikki's sweet 16 was tonight. it was awesome. i took some pics but i don't feel like uploading them right now. but it was amazing and rikki looked soo pretty! there was some funny stuff too. like derry and me were talking like "omg i went to the illest rave the other day" and we were just being weird and i was like "yea i took some x and woke up in a trailer in amityville." haha and colleen was party-boying everyone and she goes "who should be my next victim" and i said "okay!" cause i thought she said "you should be my next victim" and umm what else. michelle and nicole were like boning rikkis brother lmao but it was all fun. wooo sweet 16.

so i've been having the most weird dreams that involve all these other guys who aren't my boyfriend? yea its weird. i had this dream that this one guy was like "i know you're secret, but i wont tell if you make out with me" so i was forced to make out with him? but then he turned into nick. and last night i had a dream that one of my ex boyfriends asked me to hang out and i was like "oh i thought you hated me" and he was like "no i never hated you" and he's like "i know you have a boyfriend so lets just hang out as friends" and i agreed to that which i would never agree to hanging out with an ex boyfriend by myself because that's just..kinda weird. so somehow we're in my room and he tries to kiss me and i'm like "wtf are you doing" and then for some reason matt long shows up at my door and is like "why are you with HIM and not NICK" and i'm like "um why are you here?" lol and then he just walked away..it was so weird. so then the ex boyfriend goes "ok lets take a walk to the beach" so we did and somehow he left and i ended up in this weird place where people were trying to give me sasparella? yea it's like a coffee with licorice or something and it was just definitely one of the weirdest dreams ever.

on another note..i'm kinda not looking forward to school cause i'm afraid this is gonna be like the hardest year ever..i can't believe summers over and its gonna take a while to get used to waking up at 6:30 instead of noon like i do all summer. if going back to school meant getting new clothes and wearing them to school to just walk around aimlessly and hang out with people and do whatever you want then i wouldn't mind..but it's the fact that we have to get into that routine with homework and tests and reading books and taking notes and all that. the cool thing is i have 7th period lunch again like last year so it won't be much different. and i get 1st period off every day 5 so that's cool since i can maybe stay in bed a little longer and then when my mom drops me off i'll just hang out around school or something. well i hope this year is good, this is my last year with nick and i can't believe so many people i know are seniors now..it's crazy. and i don't want them to leave after this year cuz i like a lot of people who are the new seniors..i met a lot of people through nick and i don't wanna see everyone go :( but i still have a whole school year left until that happens. now i'll just be counting down the days until june 12th..

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my schedule [8-25-05 at 1am]
1 - chem lab [1,3] - chillemi
1 - phys ed [2,4,6] - koester
2 - chemistry - chillemi
3 - spanish - gregory
4 - english - morris
5 - fall - child development - artuso
5 - spring - photo 2 - ptacek
6 - us history/govt - weiss
7 - off [fall & spring]
8 - fall - sociology - murphy
8 - spring - media exp - dalpiaz
9 - math - schiralli

yea i don't know too many people in my classes =\
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