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colorbars :)

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A little bit of a different take on the colorbar type thing. I have two more planned (both Ed-bars), so let me know what you think.

And yes, this is a somewhat-apology for being so behind in everything lately. Forgive me?

-credit please! Even if it's just by linking it back here.
-no hotlinking; please upload to your own accounts
-free for use when you comply with the above :)
-comments are love, too

I don't know how to make the little text boxes, so for the code you're just going to have to...umm...ask if you have questions? Codes are up now!

Ed is determined love.

Ed is rainy day love.

Ed is cute love.

Ed is grinning love.

Ed is looking forward love.

Ed is thoughtful love.

Jean Havoc is smoking love.

Roy x Ed is hard work love.

Roy x Havoc is sparking love.

Ed x Russell is tough love.

Roy Mustang is smirking love.

Roy x Hughes is fierce love.

Roy x Hughes is sneaky love.

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Ed x Al is together love.

Tags: colorbars, fma
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