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dresdenfiles; war

colorbars :)

x-posted to: steelandsparks, havocroy, russellxed, fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi

A little bit of a different take on the colorbar type thing. I have two more planned (both Ed-bars), so let me know what you think.

And yes, this is a somewhat-apology for being so behind in everything lately. Forgive me?

-credit please! Even if it's just by linking it back here.
-no hotlinking; please upload to your own accounts
-free for use when you comply with the above :)
-comments are love, too

I don't know how to make the little text boxes, so for the code you're just going to have to...umm...ask if you have questions? Codes are up now!

Ed is determined love.

Ed is rainy day love.

Ed is cute love.

Ed is grinning love.

Ed is looking forward love.

Ed is thoughtful love.

Jean Havoc is smoking love.

Roy x Ed is hard work love.

Roy x Havoc is sparking love.

Ed x Russell is tough love.

Roy Mustang is smirking love.

Roy x Hughes is fierce love.

Roy x Hughes is sneaky love.

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Ed x Al is together love.

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Ed= Sexy. >3
Yes; this is quite original. :D
thank you!
can I have the codes for both?
sorry about that - the textboxes weren't being nice to me. ^^; Here they are:

1st bar:

2nd bar:

I'm not taking one today, but hot damn! If these are super cool. *g*

Also, it's hard not to hotlink when you give the url where they are hosted. You may want to mention that people should save the .gifs to their own photobucket or whatever.

Nice work!

thanks for the advice, too; I didn't even think about that, since I was just happy to get the text boxes to WORK, and then just copied the code I have ^^;

Thanks again!
Wow, these are AMAZING! Very nice job and very original! I hope to see more from you ^^
*cheers* yay! Amazing is good :) I already have...three more, I think, that I haven't posted yet. ^^; I'll try and get them up later today. Actually...since I have some time now...
Very excellent! Ed's one of my fave characters from FMA, and you did a really good job with this! ^_^
thank you! I'm glad you liked :) And I'm glad I got your fav! I chose Ed because most people like him (and I had a ton of hand pix) XD
*mesmerized by the moving colour-ness* So pretty!

If you're still taking requests, would you mind doing a Havoc colourbar? *puppy eyes*
sure I will! :)
Give me a bit, and then I'll let you know when it's up.
Your colorbars are pretty! mind if I snatch one or two?

I agree with flamemetal89. An EdxRussell would be real nice ^^
go ahead! snatch away :)

And I'm working on the EdxRussell one now; I'll let you know when it's finished!
... at first I thought it said Mustang x Havoc is 'spanking' love...

"Roy x Havoc is sparking love."
Sparking. "R"

Wow! Excellent! I'm really impressed! Thanks so much for sharing these!
*beams* I'm really glad that these went over so well! I was kinda worried, since they are different from the norm - and that's not always a good thing.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) I'm glad you enjoyed them.
*does of the cuteness*

Oh my god . . . it's just a whole big page of *squee*! They're all so pretty! Thanks for sharing, hon =)
*giggles* Your icon is soooo cute! Ed's face is just perfect.

Although he could go ahead and squee - I wouldn't mind ;)

I'm glad you liked them! ^-^
I actually found this post the day before you pimped it by randomly clicking around. XD I took the Roy/Havoc bar!
lol! Well, I guess pimping has it's advantages - it certainly would have made things easier for you. ^^;

Thanks for commenting! :)


Priestess_grrrl asked for you to do them on my behalf ... and you did ... and now I shall love you forever T__T *glomps*

I steal smirking!Roy, fierce!RoyxHughes and sneaky!RoyxHughes *squeeee*
*glomps back* I'm so glad you like them!! :) RoyxHughes is so much between the lines love.
ahhh! love it, love the codes. but i love the kyo/yuki background and icon even more. there's just not enough fruits basket yaoi out there. :(
Sorry for the late reply. This weekend has been...hectic. ^^;

Hmm....if you're looking for Fruits Basket yaoi, there's a whole slew of fanfics that I've written for the series here:


As for other places to find it - sadly, I'm lacking in recs of good fics/art. T-T matchynishi has written some, but other than that...I can't think of any off the top of my head. Which is sad. There really isn't enough of it out there! sigh...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, though :) It makes me happy.
Wow, these are sooo awesome! <33 are you still taking requests? Because I'd love to see an Ed and Al one (doesn't even have to be Elricest, just a simple "Brotherly love" or something...unless you're willing to make it Elricest, that's cool too ^^) Anyway, will be taking and crediting, you can be sure of that. Much love for these color bars! (especially 4 ed ones wow!)
sorry it took so long to get back to you - you caught me at a time when projects galore were just sitting on my desk waiting to be finished, and I didn't have time to do much more than read comments, much less reply to them. ^^;

I'm certainly willing to do an elricest one, and an Ed and Al brotherly-type one, as well. :) Give me a few days, since I still have plans out the wazoo, but I will get them done. :)
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