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Updating LJ

I have made all my entries on my LJ private while I review them. I am hoping to clear up the clutter shortly.

Many of my fics can be found on the following sites:


Edited works can be found on AO3. FF.net contains many of my earlier works, unedited. Wraithbait is specific to my SGA fanfiction.

My apologies for not being very active recently. I have been busy. If there is a specific fanfic that you are looking for and cannot find, please let me know. I will try to direct you to the proper place.
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Chapter Index - Twist in Fate

Twist in Fate

FANDOM: The Dresden Files, Book!Verse
Pairing: John Marcone/Harry Dresden
Notes: AU of Book One (and the books following)
Spoilers: all books
Summary: In which John doesn't act like a Gentleman (but a lot like a mafia boss), and Harry gets caught in his games.


01: http://archiveofourown.org/works/316145


Life is Like a Box of Chocolates (Marcone POV)


Marcone/Dresden Fanart
Dresden art :)

These lovely works of art actually go with the drabble written for the "small" prompt, but these seemed the best place to put them. :)
Small fanart
More Small fanart
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drabble challenge

idea stolen from franwi.

Select one of your icons as the drabble subject. Post one or two sentences in response to the question, "If you had it to do all over again..."

-may be done as many times as you please
-longer drabbles allowed, but not necessary
-may use icons more than once

Behind the cut:
[01] Naruto
[01] Ouran High School Host Club
[02] DNAngel
[10] FullMetal Alchemist
[01] Harry Potter
[02] Kyou Kara Maou
[01] Naruto
[01] Prince of Tennis
-[19] Total

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colorbars :)

x-posted to: steelandsparks, havocroy, russellxed, fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi

A little bit of a different take on the colorbar type thing. I have two more planned (both Ed-bars), so let me know what you think.

And yes, this is a somewhat-apology for being so behind in everything lately. Forgive me?

-credit please! Even if it's just by linking it back here.
-no hotlinking; please upload to your own accounts
-free for use when you comply with the above :)
-comments are love, too

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ed x Al is together love.

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Drabble Day! + Icons

Well, the evil twin and I had fun today making up drabbles. :3 Here they are, handy dandy linked for the two of us:

TeniPuri Fujicest drabble
TeniPuri Fujicest drabble
DNAngel Krad/Dark drabble
TeniPuri Fujicest drabble
DNAngel Krad/Dark drabble
TeniPuri Kaidoh/Momo drabble
Bleach Ishida/Ichigo drabble

Fruits Basket YukiKyou drabble
Fruits Basket YukiKyou drabble
TeniPuri Fujicest drabble
TeniPuri Ryoma/Kevin drabble
TeniPuri TezuRyo(Fuji?) drabble
DNAngel Dark/Krad ficlet (1stpart) (2ndpart) (3rdpart)

And, aside from that, I made icons! Well, I made bases the other day too, but I haven't gotten around to posting them yet. Oops. Most of these are from that.

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This is a reminder that there are TWO DAYS left to sign up for the Dog Days of Summer Fic Exchange!! Sign ups end on July 28th. I still need writers for FullMetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis, and Bleach if I'm going to try and meet everyone's first request. As of right now, I can match up everyone with their first three requests, and all but one is matched up with one of their first two.

Here is also a list of current requested fandoms and fandoms people have said they're willing to write for. Remember you can request any fandom! Just request more than one, in case there's no one who can write it.
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[bases] FMA Manga Chapter 04 Icon Bases

icon bases for Manga Chapter 04. Image Heavy, as always.

And Newman, once again, is NOT driving the purple car in the race today. :/ I LIKE the purple car. It's pretty. That's about all I care about in the races (that my parents love to watch). Mom likes the Target car. I think it's ugly. It has a huge target on hte hood. The attel (?) car is better.

When it's purple.

Anyways. Yeah. Bases. ^^;

[024] Alphonse Elric
[002] Alphonse-dog
[001] Heymans Breda
[067] Edward Elric
[001] Aphonse and Edward Elric
[006] Ed-Head
[001] Vato Falman
[001] Kain Fuery
[004] Riza Hawkeye
[022] Roy Mustang
[001] Roy Mustang and Edward Elric
[130] Total

Download all 130 here.

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[bases] FMA Manga Chapter 03

icon bases for Manga Chapter 03. Image Heavy. :p

....and somehow there were lots of Eds, too. ^^;

[028] Alphonse Elric
[120] Edward Elric
[012] Aphonse and Edward Elric
[002] Alchemist's Watch
[024] Yoki
[186] Total

Download all 186 here.

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more bases, FMA chapter one.

Going back to the very beginning. Bases made from Manga Chapter One scans, downloaded from stoptazmo.com .

[031] Alphonse Elric
[017] Priest Cornello
[087] Edward Elric
[011] Aphonse and Edward Elric
[004] Edward Elric and Chimera
[003] Young Edward Elric
[037] Rose
[001] Edward Elric and Rose
[002] Serpent's Cross
[193] Total

Download all 193 here.

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As always, credit is not necessary, but a comment would be appreciated if you're taking/downloading. :)

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