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life and love and why

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
8:06 pm - Moving
Hey everyone!

Once again, I've outgrown this journal and moved. I've actually had this new one for a while now. But I think I'm finally ready to expose it. Haha! :)

So, please add pengphanda to see my ramblings!

Thank you!

♥ Miggy

P.S. In case you were wondering, pengphanda = penguin + elephant + panda. I like those animals. :))

current mood: blah

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Saturday, October 6th, 2007
9:46 pm - exams
In their most concise forms:

Tuesday 9 October - English Literature
Prose - Remembering Babylon, The Handmaid's Tale
Poetry - The Metaphysical Poets, Judith Wright
Drama - Othello, No Sugar

Friday 12 October - History
Australia 1900-1945
International Relations 1945-1990

Monday 15 October - Discrete Mathematics
Data Analysis
Growth and Decay
Linear Programming
Arithmetic Sequences
Geometric Sequences and Series

Tuesday 16 October - Human Biology
Control of the human body
Human populations

Wednesday 17 October - Economics
International Economics
Government Policy

These are my final exams in high school.
I'm smiling coz I'm scared as hell...

current mood: stressed

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007
8:07 pm - hmm
Tomorrow is my last day of high school, and I don't really feel anything.


current mood: lazy

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Sunday, July 29th, 2007
4:47 pm - not for long
This is what I'm coming into, in order of occurrence:

The final nine weeks of regular classes as a senior.

Two weeks of final school exams.

High school graduation.

Two weeks of tertiary entrance exams.

The future!

current mood: full

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Thursday, March 29th, 2007
6:45 pm - happy birthday 2 days ago...

...to those who called:

...to those who texted:

...to those who e-mailed:

...to those who left YM messages:

...to those who wrote testimonials/comments:
Ms. Marbella

...to those who sent MSN instant messages:

...to those who gave me gifts and/or cards:

...and to all my friends who greeted me at school and all my relatives in the Philippines who called me several times that day. :) You all made my birthday special. ♥

And for today... Happy Birthday Cara Gonzalez! I miss you! :)

current mood: grateful

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
8:58 pm - year 12
Summer ends today. Not season-wise, but vacation-wise. It was very good to me. ♥

I start my last year of high school tomorrow.

I'll make it a great one. :)

current mood: hopeful

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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
10:00 pm - i'll make this quick
Dear Friends,

Me: You know, testosterone is the root of all evil.
Jarvis: Oh really? Well you know, oestrogen is the root of all crap.

Sexism is alive and well.

Expect an update (complete with pictures) about the recent West Coast Eagles vs. Western Bulldogs football game sometime soon. But not now, because it was too magical to write about at 10:00 P.M. on a weeknight.

How are you?

♥ Migs

P.S. Pat Villasenor, I hope you're feeling better! I love you!

current mood: silly

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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
7:00 pm - please and thank you :)
If you read this journal,
even if I don't speak to you often,
post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want.
It can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.

Then post this on your journal.
See what people remember about you. ♥

current mood: moody

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
5:20 pm - sonnet topics
Hi, I need help. :D Our Lit class has been given the task of making our very own sonnet, iambic pentameter and all. I'm all set, but there's one thing missing. A TOPIC. Quite frankly, I have no idea what to write about. Writing about significant others just doesn't seem too appealing at the moment (not that anyone's all that significant to me), and Ms Borg is allowing us to write about other things, anyway. People at school are as idea-less as I am and nearly everyone I've asked has replied with "I don't know."

Well, I don't know either. Mat suggested that I write about him, but when I started dictating my first line, "Mat Whitely has a head of greasy hair," he came to take it back. I was only telling the truth.

Anyway, if you had to write a sonnet, what would you write about? :)

current mood: pessimistic

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Thursday, March 30th, 2006
7:02 pm - talk to me
Mat: My suit's black with gold. I've had it for weeks.
Me: Someone's prepared. I never knew guys put so much thought into their suits.
Mat: Yeah, well, I don't really care what I'm wearing. But I'm gonna make sure everyone else does.
Me: Haha. Well, I have two purple dresses, shoes I can't walk in, and a date I'm gonna ditch. How cool is that?
Mat: Classy.

It's prom tomorrow.

Not looking forward to: being in the reception line with Calvin, the potential opportunity to completely humiliate myself one way or another, wearing heels, and the mysterious things that happen at post-prom house parties.

Looking forward to: Michael's D.O. (Dance Off) with Jamie during the song "Run It," seeing Kieran in his penguin suit and top hat, telling everyone how great they look, and having fun.

I have this lame habit of comparing things to the Yule Ball in Book 4. (See icon)

Wish me luck? :P

Happy Birthday, Ed (Ediphus)!! :D

...But fate misgives.

current mood: lazy

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
6:30 pm - sunshine
Please pray for my lola, who passed on yesterday at 2 in the morning. I don't say "died" because no one really ever dies. I don't say "passed away" because the memories they leave behind never really go away.

She is the most beautiful person I have ever known, and she deserves Heaven. She was Love, and she was Faith, and I choose to regard it as a privilege to have her watching over us.

I love you, lola, forever and ever. Thank you for teaching me how to love God and care for other people. There's no one like you.

♥ Miggy

current mood: <3 lola

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
10:11 pm - thinking train
Happy Birthday, Gel!♥ I love you soooo much.

And I love "Who's this?"

And "I dreamt I was Harry Potter!"

And "Can I just share?"


Pure logic is the ruin of the spirit. -Antoine de Saint ExuperyCollapse )

To all the Assumptionistas, congratulations on surviving the exams! Have a great summer! :)

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
10:05 pm - would you?
It might be too early to say, but this year sure has been a blur so far. I can't believe it's the fourth week already, I can't believe I picked Introductory Calculus over Foundations of Maths, I can't believe Mr Klup is giving more homework than we can possibly finish, I can't believe my Human Biology book is so detailed and hard to understand, I can't believe that the ball is a month away and that everyone already has everything planned out, I can't believe there are so many mundane conversations that I want to document, I can't believe how much I can hate and love High School at the same time, but most of all, I can't believe that this will all be over before I know it.

Hypothetical questions are always awkward. Especially ones that end with, 'would you say yes?'

current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
10:26 pm - birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays!
I stole this picture from Therese's Multiply:

Image hosting by TinyPic

One day you'll meet her and you'll know what I mean.
Take her or leave her, she will still be the same.
She'll not try to buy you with her time,
But nothing's the same, as you will see when she's gone.

You dream of colours that have never been made,
You imagine songs that have never been played.
They will try to buy you and your mind,
But only the curious have something to find.

You gotta love Therese Liboro. :) Happy Birthday, Tails!♥

And to the only guy in my life, as far as love is concerned...

Happy Birthday, Dad! :)

Dad: What do you call all those people who dress up in black again? *nods in the direction of a group of people in black outfits and with too much black eyeshadow on* The term starts with a G or something?
Me: Goth?
Dad: Yeah, that! Is that just fashion or is it like a club?
Me: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

He was dead serious and just plain curious when he asked that.

Yay, I love him. :D


It's Transition Day tomorrow, so all the Year Elevens get to do stuff! Haha:) It's mostly just gonna be bonding with the forms and having dance lessons for the ball (bleh), but yeah. Any day off school work should be a good day. ;)

current mood: thirsty

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Saturday, January 28th, 2006
10:43 pm - mothers are love
Happy Birthday, Mum.

I know that sometimes you wish I could be a little girl again, and sometimes I can't help but wish that too.

But thanks for loving me no matter what I turn into. :)

I love you and I mean it.

♥ Migs

PS: Are you sure you made up the name Miguelle? Because there's this guy from La Salle who has that name. I mean, that spelling. But we got to talking and he researched on it or something, and he says he now knows it's a girl's name.

But what happened to Michaela? Or Gabrielle? ;)


Also, Happy Birthday to Carrie, Carla and Ricci yesterday! :D

And Happy Birthday to Auntie Claudine today, too! :)

current mood: looking forward

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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
7:41 pm - monopolizing is a skill
I bought Monopoly The Here and Now Edition yesterday. Since then, I've played two loooong games and happily won both (even if my sister bought Canary Wharf during the second game so that I couldn't have the expensive dream monopoly. Djjaajfvfofwpewfasddofr).

I am half scared that I will half seriously half dislike the first person who beats me in future games.

Just kidding.

Half kidding.


And in non-boardgame matters:

Happy Birthday, Jack.

21 on the 22nd. That is cool. Next year, you'll be 22 on the 22nd. And that only happens once in your life. Thank you for the advice you've given me ('Stay away from the boys, Mig. Particularly the "surfer-dudes".') and for telling the truth ('They're all bastards.')

Still waiting for the romantic comedy you're going to make,

current mood: okay

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
5:14 pm - 5 years later
I just remembered how it was to be in Grade 4, when we all secretly wanted to be in High School already and we made it seem like there was so much drama in our lives when we were actually carefree.

I remember when prom was so distant but something I looked forward to, and not just another thing to add to The List Of Things That Stressed My Fifteen-Year-Old Self. I remember when driving was reserved for 'grown-ups' and not something that friends I deemed to be 'my age' were learning how to do. I remember when Chemistry was only a branch of Science and relationships weren't so complicated. I remember when I hardly had any idea what the courses in college were because I didn't need to know them and BS may as well have stood for 'Boys Suck.' I remember when parties went from 1-4 in the afternoon and how it was completely normal if someone wasn't allowed to go out without a chaperone.

Those were great days.

But I wouldn't go back. Not because I didn't like them, but because I'm content just looking back on them. And because, despite the usual problems, I like where I am now. :)

And because...even if I wanted to, I couldn't. ;)

current mood: not quite sure

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
6:49 pm - at the moment
Presently happy about: My new layout. Snaps for my sister (who did most of the technical stuff), Boom (who took that picture accidentally), and The Ataris (for the lovely lyrics I couldn't have come up with even if I tried).

Presently sad about: Carrie's condition. :(

Presently believing in: 'I don't care' being applicable to a great number of unrelated things (such as not having a prom date for March 31, never being good enough, etc.) It comes, of course, hand-in-hand with Nicolle's 'Screw it.'

Presently wondering: When I should go to the beach with the Ting, Des and Dianne (and possibly Tom).

Presently planning: Burning a CD with The Ataris, Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy songs only. Should I include Oasis and Dashboard Confessional?

Presently expecting: A (disgusted?) comment from my sister about what I'm planning (See Above), complete with the Untalkative Bunny icon.

Presently regretting: Wrapping my Christmas presents for my friends in a hurry. Who knew he was extending?

Presently trying to keep in mind: That Bacon Deluxe burgers have no pickles in them. No need to press "Minus Pickle" on the register.

Presently missing: School. Because I have always been a dork and there's no use denying it now.

Presently putting off: Fixing my room and other chores.

Presently disliking: The line 'If I could be your first real heartache, I would do it over again' because it reminds me of the other thing I'm presently dislking which is boyfriends who cheat (not mine because I don't have one, but my friends'). I've heard one too many stories involving them and I just think it's so wrong that such great girls get treated that way.

*EDIT* That line is nice, and I think it sucks that I put a negative meaning to it. Thank you, Bea Osmena.

Presently deciding: To get off the computer and eat. :)

current mood: hungry

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
10:13 pm - wind chill factor
"I've nothing to do. I want to go to your house," she told me.

"Okay. Take the Fremantle train and go down at either Subiaco or Daglish and I'll pick you up from there," I told her.

Boredom + Spontaneity = Endless Possibilities

I totally underestimated these Safety Modules. I got a job (Yay!) and I'm continuing training tomorrow. I have to bring in answered modules when I come for my shift. I could've done them much earlier and saved myself the trouble, buuut...

I spent the day with a friend instead. And no one regrets that. :)

By the way, Ralph really made me laugh today with this:

Ralph: buti pa ang calendar, may date
Ralph: buti pa ang exam, sinasagot
Ralph: buti pa ang bees, may honey
Me: :))

current mood: nervous

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Friday, December 2nd, 2005
5:35 pm - we're freeee
Today is the last day of school.

And that deserves a few smiles here and there. :)Collapse )

We all had a good time this year, and though I have my regrets, I know it's all part of it. I want to thank everyone whom I met this year. You all made a difference somehow. :)

See you next year (or possibly in the city/at the beach/wherever else I might bump into people this summer). ;)

current mood: sayang

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