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'sup bitch? ^-^


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28 May
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layout credit; batskull


80's movies/cartoons/toys/music, :p, a perfect circle, a static lullaby, after the fall, ahmaheffinggawd penny!, aldi, alexisonfire, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, an american tale, anime, anti-avril, anything ikeaaaaaa related, arch enemy, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, balto, beetlejuice, behind crimson eyes, bejabbers!!, bert mccracken, black and pink pandas, bleed the dream, blythe, boa, caaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzz, captain crunch/underpants, care bears, chalkzone, coheed and cambria, concerts, cooornnn soooouuppppp, cradle of filth, dance dance revolution, dave the barbarian, daveys toes, digimon/pokemon doooiiii, dir en grey, diy fashion, drawing, fillerbunny, fillmore, foamy, frank iero, from first to last, gerard way, gerard/bert, german festivities weeheeee, glitter/glowsticks, gorillaz, gummi bears, gummibears, gyroscope, hawthorne heights, hello panda/pocky, i feel sick, insanity, invader zim, jack off jill, japanese street fashion, jhonen vasquez, jhonens glasses, jimmy urine, jthm, jumping castles, kill hannah, kim possible theme song, kittie, kmfdm, laberynth, lacuna coil, le gasspppppp, le tigre, lenore, leopard/zebra print, little sammy's balcony, mamee monster noodle snacks, manga, maoam, marilyn manson, marzipan, matchbook romance, mcr related dreams, mie goreng/indo mie, mikey's tambourine, mindless self indulgence, mothers cooking, motion city soundtrack, my "geerad" shrine, my blue exercise ball, my bunkbedness, my chemical romance, my ikea spoonsforksandothershit, my little pony, my rad friendszzszss, my ruin, my talllessstttt!?, myself like woooaahhhhhhhh dude, neon colors, nine inch nails, o.o, oliver and co, omgwtfstfuyoahahaha!!!, orgy, pencey prep, playgrounds, pointless and crazy fun, potter puppet pals, roman dirge, saliva, saturday disney, savers, scarling, scissor sisters, senses fail, shiny toy guns, shoplifting, silverstein, skinny puppy, snes, sonny moore, stencilling, taking back sunday, taro bread *twitch*, thats so raven, the banner, the birthday massacre, the breakfast monkey, the brothers way, the dresden dolls, the lion king, the little rascals, the living end, the nightmare before christmas, the used, the weekenders, this.is.not.emo, thriftiishhhh stores, total girl magazines *cough*, true sounds of liberty, underoath, utada hikaru, veruca salt, we're back, winter time, worshipping to gerard, writing on people, x.x,