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that's brilliant

still sick. woot.
I have a doc's apptmt tomorrow at 7:30. That's ludicrous. That's nearly an hour before school even starts. I might not even be well enough to go to school tomorrow anyway so whatever.

I'm supposed to tell the doc about my eye and my cold. I really don't want to talk about my cold though because I've talked to them zillions of times about colds and I always get told the same thing and end up getting a cold the next month anywho. bah.

In the movie Ray, it shows where Ray Charles just starts going blind as a kid, and his eyes are always watery and his vision is bad. I've been freaking out that I'm starting to go blind...bad vision, eyes have been watery, and hurting lately.. buuuuut I'm just paranoid.

That's right, paranoid and procrastinating. I haven't studied for my econ test yet. But I will.. I will.. I always do.

I need to buy new glasses so I can stop wearing contacts because my eyes hurt. My house glasses are so ick I'm embarassed to wear them in public, and I just tried on my thick rimmed glasses with the rhinestones on the sides the other day....I looked ridiculous. Too bad I didn't realize how ridiculous they are sooner. I just want simple black frame glasses. simple. I like simple.

p.s. Happy Birthday, Jay!
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