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Cleaning and working.
Thats all i seem to be doing.
It sucks.
I cant even hang out because my dad says we need to get our stuff together.
He's like freaking out.
I went to the store today and some weird guy was outside trying to get me to sign something about college funding, and he was trying to talk to me. It was gross.
Patrick drew stars on my foot and everyone thinks they're real.
So i think i might want a tattoo now.
But i prolly wont get it, i'm a wimp.
I'm bored.
I made some new friends and i love them.
It's weird how you havent talked to someone in forever and everything is all good again.
I cant wait to go snowboarding. Talk about 30 minutes away from my new house.
And my room, um like triple the size of the one i'm in now.
& for some weird reason, i actually miss going to school :(
Oh btw Oct 10th is my last day here.
So come see me bitches!
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a brief update for everyone...
(1) yosemite was awesome. there were little annoying things but other than that it was sweet
(2) patrick's grandpa died, so he went to montana yesterday.
- he has no service there, & he is staying until sunday.
(3) I went to reno last night with my parents.
- we stayed at the atlantis, it's pretty cool there.
* i've decided that it wont be all that bad moving there, i actually thought there is a
lot more to do there and it was pretty clean.
(4) We looked at tons of houses and my parents couldnt decide on any together, and it didnt matter what i thought, so now i dont know what is going on with that.
(5) I already have to get rid of my car for an suv. but thats okay, i really want a jeep anywyas for the snow!
(6) i still miss patrick.
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Hi LJ, remember me?
This whole moving situation is getting annoying.
My parents were supposed to go to reno and look at houses and they didnt.
They're gonna wonder why were homeless, in a month.
My dad has to start next month so it looks like my mom and i are staying here until they decide to get their act together.
My mom even got a job...I'm hoping it's just as easy for me...
My room looks like crap because it's filled with boxes...
It's true. I am living out of a box.
Patrick, my brother, Ashley, and i are going to yosemite next weekend to go camping.
I'm excited kind of. I'm not really a "nature girl" but it'll be like the last thing i get to do before i i'm looking forward to it.
My brother is moving out next week too, and it all feels really weird.
But i'm looking forward to moving on to a new place...and meeting new people.
I'm trying to be positive.

Once again the Raleys drama increases as someone gets suspended yesterday...
and she's def. not coming backkkk.
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Today is my day off, FINALLY.
I've missed kind of sitting around.
I've missed my friends.
& I miss Patrick.
The last 2 nights i was supposed to get off at 9:30,
but Ashley and i didnt get done until 11.
But i'm getting overtime.
I'm making friends now too.
Even though most of them are like middle aged men, they're still cool.

I think i'm going to Patricks later.
We've been kind of fighting and it sucks.
I think it's the fact that we cant communicate about certain things because
he doesnt want them to be true.

I'm going to be living out of a box soon.
Everyday my mom comes home with more!
It should be an interesting experience driving my manual all the way to Nevada.
Four hours i think it is.
& my dad is going to be living there before us, so that should be interesting.
It's just gonna be my mom and i trying to figure out everything.
I think the countdown is at like two months & three days.

Plus our air conditioner is getting f-ed up.
I really dont like this heat.
& i want to do something new with my hair!
catch ya later. ♥
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What are the odds?

So i havent updated in a while and i figured i would since i'm here doing nothing.
I got a job at Raleys, so if you shop there you might see me around.
I like it and i get paid a lot more than i did at the vet.
Anyways, so thats fun. I never really have free time anymore...but i would much rather be busy that sitting around wasting time.

I got my car on saturday!
I would put up pics but i dont have the time to take them yet.
I'm still trying to get used to the manual...which is a pain because i'm always stalling it.
But regardless i love the car.

So it's almost a for sure thing that i will be moving to Nevada in October.
I have the chance to stay here with my brother but i dont think i will be able to afford it.
So we got a whole bunch of boxes and i'm thinking we need to have a garage sale.
I wont get to start school until after Christmas there because if i started here and now it would be a waste of money and the time couldnt be transferred. So now i'm going to be behind. But i think it should be an interesting experience. Time to meet new people and to get out of Oakley. But well see if i decide to stay or not. But it seems like everyone else is moving to go to school anyways. But there is just one small thing that is holding me back, but i'll have to figure that out later.

So how is everyone else doing?
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If i have cake, then why can't i eat it?
Tomorrow is my last A day of my high school career.
That's scary....
I need to find a dress for graduation.
I'm tired.
And there is so much to be done!
&& i need to find my govt boooook!!