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_Shattered Icons [entries|friends|calendar]
Snicker Bitch

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The silence is more then I can bear...... [20 Nov 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

More icons all Lost (the girls of Lost that is)

There is lots of Claire, a few Shannon, two Kate, and two Shannon/Claire

16 in all

Oh yes let me pimp claire_fans a community for fans of Claire this means I WANT YOU TO JOIN!


You just bet on Jack dumbassCollapse )

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Icons because I love you [02 Nov 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay I know how sucktacular I am (thank you Shaggy for that wonderful word) I've been posting icons just not here......oops. Anyway I finally got off my lazy butt well actually more like sat on it and updated the place. See it's pink now I hate pink but well I needed a change

Anyway here are some icons to make up for my stupidity

7 FF VIII and 1 FF VII behind the cut

Dude you like suck and stuffCollapse )

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Iconses for the preciousssss [10 Oct 2004|01:27am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Here are 7 icons I know I lied not all Charlie so sue me

If I could look beyond your face and photograph your hidden place would I find you smiling in the picture?Collapse )

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Some icons [02 Oct 2004|11:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Only three today because I was busy watching the Lost rerun had to tape it this time Anyway here you go



Cloud and Aeris from FFVII


Next time will be only Charlie promise ;)

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The icons [01 Oct 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Okay I finished some new Lost icons (yes I'm going through a faze.......or at least I think....) Anyway there are

8-Charlie icons

1-Shannon icon

1-Kate icon


I'm here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind.....Collapse )

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First Post [01 Oct 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Alright I decided I'd start an icon journal for the icons I make and this is where this account came in. Don't ask where I came up with the name _shatteredicons I just like the sound of it thank you very much :p. Anyway I just want it to be clear that these will be the only type of icons I will be making:


xDominic Monaghan

xViggo Mortensen

xLiv Tyler

xLord of the Rings

xHarry Potter

xFinal Fantasy (VII VIII and IX ONLY)

xAvril Lavigne

xScooby Doo

xMatthew Lillard

xThirteen Ghosts

These are the only icons I'm planning to make for awhile at least and if you do want a request I'd like it if you stick to these thanks.

Anyways I have some icons I'm making and I will put them up as soon as possible so please sit tight

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