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Vid: Right Where I Belong - S4 Spike/Xander

It's been 2 years to the day since I last posted a vid. Now after much huffing and puffing at my computer, learning to use Avisynth, and wracking my brain trying to come up with something for fall_for_sx, it's finally here. Whoo-hoo!

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Title: Right Where I Belong
Song/Artist: Right Where I Belong by 3 Doors Down
Summary: My homage to S4 Spander. Xander and Anya may be together right now but Spike showing up changes everything.

Big, big thanks to ash48 for the super quick beta job! You're a gem!
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Chuck Yells by Manual

Vid: "When I Think About Love" (Spike/Angel NC-17)

I'm really pleased by the overwhelming positive response this has had. Thanks to everyone for all their help and wonderful feedback!

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Pairing: Spike and Angel
Song: Rough Sex
Artist: Lords of Acid
Summary: What's a poor vamp to do when he misses his Sire and can't stop thinking about him? Watch porn, of course. Too bad the reception sucks.
Ratings and warnings: NC-17! This vid is not suitable for anyone under 18! I'm serious about this. This has images of real men, having real sex, with other men. If any of this bothers or offends you, please don't click the link.
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