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Vid Rec: Violence and Sex

So I haven't done one of these in a long time but this vid just needs to be recced!

Violence & Sex by ash48

This is a pre-Wincest AU vid set to "When Doves Cry". No, seriously! I'm not kidding. And it's freaking phenomenal! This could have been a train wreck, but she worked her butt off on this! You get the angst, the violence, the sex, the emotions!! She has it all and it works! The editing alone would have me drooling but her subtle use of effects just blow me away!

You guys know me, I love me some porn footage. So it was with great glee that I provided her some. I know how plain these clips are so I was shocked to see how beautiful she made them. She chose just the right moments and then the effect she used, wow, I still don't know how she achieved it, but the bodies subtly glowed! She found just the right balance, giving us sexy but not trashy. Nope, with as much porn is in this, it's not NC-17. Which is an amazing feat on its own! *lol*

The emotion, the effects, the editing, the porn...can't forget that! :P She always wows me but here, I'm head over heels blown away! Love it!!
Rock On by Speaksfree

Pimping ash48

Wow, look at me posting and all... :D

I'm back to pimp ash48, who is getting her day in the spotlight over at spnroundtable for this month's Ask the Vidder. For anyone not familiar with the comm, every month they pick a great vidder to come and talk about...well anything anyone decides to ask. I've been her beta for over a year now and we're still going strong.

She's put together a great 5 step process for how she makes her vids. She even asked me if I wanted to add my own little blurb in about betaing. I squeed my little heart out and jumped at the chance! So yup, if you have questions for me about vid betaing, I'm there too. :D

So if you're interested in vidding at all, go over and ask Ash what makes her tick. What she manages to do in her vids just consistently blows me away! The one she's finishing up now has had me nearly fall out of my chair with squee several times. I can't wait till she posts it!

So yeah, love vidding? Have a burning question to ask or just want to chat? Head on over! Ask Ash
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Stage 6 set to close!


This was the only streaming site I liked! People complain about YT and it is a steaming pile of crap, but Imeem is sub par in my opinion. Stage 6 was the only good quality streaming site out there! Shit!

Well, at least I decided to keep my site the other day when I had my website nervous breakdown. I think the solution now is to get my website moved, back up, and then figure out how to create a streaming embed from my website. I pretty sure it's possible but that's way down on my lists of things to do for the site.

But damn, I narrowly dodged that bullet!

Vid: Right Where I Belong - S4 Spike/Xander

It's been 2 years to the day since I last posted a vid. Now after much huffing and puffing at my computer, learning to use Avisynth, and wracking my brain trying to come up with something for fall_for_sx, it's finally here. Whoo-hoo!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Title: Right Where I Belong
Song/Artist: Right Where I Belong by 3 Doors Down
Summary: My homage to S4 Spander. Xander and Anya may be together right now but Spike showing up changes everything.

Big, big thanks to ash48 for the super quick beta job! You're a gem!
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Having a Moment

ARGH!!! Damn you interlacing! I thought I had you figured out but then you throw me a curve ball. You bastard! *chokes interlaced video* And Smart Decimate, don't think you're getting off any easier. Where did your autoload go, hhmmm? And now you're laying down on the job too so I have to start looking around for a better script?! For shame!

*takes deep breath - lets it out slowly*

Okay, done now. Back to work.
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Bait and Switch Oops

So I did my remapping of the drive, changed out my Js for Is, but then realized I needed to completely redo the DGIndex. Good thing I knew exactly what vobs I put in there as I wanted to start small and just used an entire ep to start with. So did that, got my new shiny avs file and proceeded to get my new VFAPI file to input into Vegas. But wait, because I was playing around with bait and switch and my huge mjpeg file was sitting in my main project folder and that's where I sent the new smaller VFAPI file.....I just wrote over a 2GB file with a tiny 4MB file! *head desk* If only I'd moved it to the bait folder first.

Good thing I really don't need it and if need be can recreate it fast. And again, no freak out. *wipes brow*
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Avisynth Oops..

So it's a good thing I've been hesitant to start making a bunch of avs and fake avi files cause after my trip down to LA I discovered none of the ones I do have worked any longer. While I'm sitting there trying to not freak out, a part of my brain was actually trying to trouble shoot the issue and I managed to figure out the problem before a full out-freak out could occur.

What happened was that, because I use my external to store my files, when I left it here and then plugged it back in after my trip the drive number changed from J to I. Thus, none of my scripts worked anymore.

So I remapped the drive to stay on J but unfortunately some scripts are still buggy. I think I'm going to go back and remap the drive for I, change the scripts, then create a new VFAPI_avi file, and do a bait and switch. The other scripts don't have fake files attached so they should be fine once I change them. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping.

I'm just happy I managed to get this far without a complete mental break-down. *bg*
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Let the Vidding Begin!

Well, after months of agonizing over source, deinterlacing, codecs, and codes, I have finally started to umm....actually edit.

Yup, now you all will get to hear about more artistic pains rather than the tech. Though to be sure I'll throw in some tidbits now and again, how could I not? I'm a tech geek.

Speaking of, for some reason my "build Dynamic RAM" thingy is working really quick now. In fact, the entire file is just zooming by like a dream. I had to double check that I was editing the correct and possibly slow codec. I don't know what I fixed or turned off, but I like it!
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Vid commentary meme

If you want commentary on aspects of any vid I've made, post a comment. Let me know if there are particular questions you'd like me to answer, choices you'd like me to talk about, or elements of the vid you'd like me to expound on (favorite moments, whatever).

I've only made two public vids so I'll just be happy if no one says, "You make vids?." *snicker* But since it's just the two, I figure I could open it up to questions anyone has on aspects of how I beta.

Also, best meme ever! I got a chance to ask some of my favorite vidders about things I'd never have the guts to do otherwise. *squee*