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Chuck Yells by Manual

S8 Xander Icons and Naked Spike Graphics!

Yay, look at me actually contributing occasionally. *bg* It was a busy few days as yesterday it was naked Spike day over at nekid_spike and it was my day to post today over at spring_with_xan.

21 S8 Xander Icons
I scanned in my S8 comics and made Comic Xander icons. I don't think I had so much fun making icons ever. I don't know what made these so different but I just loved doing it. I can't seem to stop staring at them. *lol* Here's my favs:
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Oh yes, I did. *evil grin*

AU S6 Spander Pic!Spam
And for naked Spike....I really tried to come up with a video but things didn't work out. So I did my first pic!spam. It was really fun. And people seemed to love it. I included a little clip from the dallies where Buffy finally comes clean about sleeping with Spike that I managed to put together. Hysterical!

And for contributing shanmara made everyone a banner. I almost teared up when I saw I was included because I made it in just under the deadline....or not really so that made it all the more nicer of her. Thank you!
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