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Chuck Yells by Manual

Lotsa Awards! Yay!

So I've been gone from the computer for a bit. Some of you know this guy was in the shop for awhile and we bought a new one, which hasn't arrived yet. And then still I got into the Codex Alera books by Jim Butcher. Soooo good. I'm like thisclose to writing fanfic for it, that's how bad I have it. And now I have to wait another whole year for the next to come out. Argh. Jim, you are evil.

Anyway, I'm totally back now and I have happy news! I won awards! Some are older that I never found the time to squee about and some are just brand spanking new. But either way it feels like a good day to squee! Everything from When I Think About Love and Nightmare on Revello Drive to For the Love of My Brother and Battleground were all winners this year! Yay!

And if it keeps track of my coding so when I finally get around to making an awards page on my website, all the better.

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