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Avisynth Rant

So I spent most of the day working on the last part of my vidding system, getting Vegas up to snuff. It was my way to keep my mind off other things (totally owe you awesome guys some comments) and it worked cause Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd!

So did any of you Avisynth users know that the video is always jerky?!Collapse )
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What's Up With Me

So haven't been around much where people can see me. But I've been doing lots behind the scenes that I'm really proud of.

I am finally back up and running with my computer. Yeah, lots was lost but I'm not ready to pack in the fandom towel just yet. I guess I'll just have to take more concert/con vids make more memories. :D

I finally got up the new polling info and banners at spnvidrecs. I was so relieved that I was done with that, now I can get back to watching and reccing.

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All of this comes out to, things are going good on the fandom front. Lots of great fics I'm into, tons of vids.
Good times. *happy sigh* It's good to be back.
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Vid Humor and More Avisynth Tech Talk

I think this is one of the funniest 'Don't Use Divx' threads I think I've ever seen. The guy is told over and over that Divx sometimes works but laughs at everyone that he got it to work anyway. To only turn around two days later crying that Vegas crashed. *LOL* Dude, they told ya. *snicker* If the guy hadn't of been such a dick, it wouldn't have been funny. But he was, so it is. Haha!

Divx won't work in Vegas 6!!! *whines*
The first link in the thread is dead but linked to this page.

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The Vidding Monster Feeds

I've been trying to relax and let the details I've recently learned these last few weeks settle in my brain. But it hasn't been working. Where I stand now is that any little link or discussion about vidding wakes the hungry beast.

Since I've been trying not to learn...I've found out that there might be an alternative to Avisynth editing with an mpeg4 encoded avi. Course, this must be different from the .mp4 format as that is a distribution format. But in my travels, the jargon gets confusing and I'm not sure which is being referred to but surely they're different, yes?

Then there was the link, that I now can't remember where *head desk* that mentioned creating fake avis (for Avisynth editing) by using some kind of proxy in Vdubmod. Which would be an alternative to the VFAPI, which I don't like for the simple reason that the words are all *&%$ed uped. Seriously.

So some more questions came up while I should have been giving the brain a break. Typical. But it's like...can't stop....must learn vid tech. The monster lives!
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Vidding Light Bulb aka Avisynth theory questions

So taking some time to decompress, after trying to cram as much vidding knowledge into my head, is a good thing. I was working the other day and had a light bulb moment. If Avisynth use means it loads the clip frame by frame onto the timeline, then what does that mean for codecs?

I thought of it like this. I can't edit with vobs. Pure disaster. But reference that same vob file with an avs/fake avi file and no problems. Well, at least not mpeg editing problems. *bg* So then therefore, doesn't that mean that Divx and Xvid codecs are equally as usable in the avs/fake avi format. Can't edit with them directly in Vegas, but reference the same file as an avs/fake avi file and....well, I haven't had time to test this theory. But you can bet that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

So if this is all true, now I'm wondering...what is the relationship between Avisynth and codecs and compression? If something that is so usually bad to edit with because of its compression now suddenly no longer an issue....what happens to that compression? What exactly does Avisynth do to get the NLE to ignore compression and codecs? What codec does Vegas thinks it's seeing when I input a fake avi file. AVI, yes I get that, but what codec? Uncompressed?

Things are starting to make sense and it's very different from that whole running around blindly feeling. But now I have a whole host of new questions.

ETA: Yes, indeed. One of the pluses of Avisynth is "opening unsupported formats". Score! Doesn't mention Divx/Xvid and I still haven't tried it out, but I'm hopeful.
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Vidding Lowlights

Ahh, the joys of the vidding roller coaster. *bg* One day you're up, the next you're down.

So further investigation (cause if I look at this as fun I'll just cry) has revealed that Vegas does not allow for direct avs editing. I already knew that but it leads me to where I'm going next. Because there is no plug-in to Vegas like there is for Premiere (and that answers my question as to why all the Avisynth editors are primarily Premiere users) we have to find work arounds. So far I've found two. The VFPAI and the MakeAvis. So far I have failed to get the VFPAI to work correctly on my computer. The converter comes up but the text is too warped to read. Now I could close my eyes and hope everything is in there right and I'm pushing the right buttons but seriously?! So not worth it.

Editing with wrapped avis is well...first you need a vob file, then a d2v file, then an avs file, then a converted with VFPAI or MakeAvi file, and from there then you can import. However, because you are editing a fake avi file you need all these files to back you up because in the end there is some sort of swap and I haven't even gotten to that part yet, so I may have gotten it wrong. But if I have this right, if one file in the string gets deleted....nothing works. And well....at that point...I may as well have just used Avisynth for a few coding pluses and exported from Vdubmod as an actual avi file. Sure, sure, need lots of space. But damn, if my head wasn't attacked I'd lose it. I search daily for my car keys, nail clippers, and the remote. If I have to keep track of all these files I'd go buggy....hell, I may already be there.

So to sum up. *g* Leaning very heavily to actual avi use. And only avs use in Vdubmod.
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Some Vidding Highlights

veni_vidi_vids just posted a link to mranderson71 doing a streaming site comparison between Imeem and Stage6, the new streaming site by Divx. Knocked my socks right off! The quality was amazing and allowed for full screen viewing...again being in fantastic quality! It also allows for easy downloading of the vid. I absolutely can't stand streaming sites because of the utter abysmal quality. This site gets rid of that problem beautifully.

If you don't have the plug-in, which you probably won't, just click it and hit 'next' a bunch of times and there it is. There must be a catch cause this was too easy. For vidders they will need to render their final version into Divx. If they are not already, mranderson71 mentions a free program that will do the job. As Mranderson points out, this might be just the thing for people who have "to rely on the generosity of others to host your vids or have limited/expensive webspace or none at all" but care about quality. If the vidding community moves to this site I'll be a very happy vid watcher. And if I ever decide to stream my videos this will be the only site I will upload to.

In other vidding news....Collapse )
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Still Vidding's Bitch

So I've decided vidding hates me. I think she's out to get me. Now my VirtualDubMod won't play audio. No idea why. Something about an anachronistic or discontinuous time stamp. Makes it sound like my clips have fallen through a dimensional portal. *lol* Who knows, maybe they have?

So I've finally given in and decided vob editing is not the way to go. When they say it isn't frame accurate they don't mean it's off a bit one way or the other or that your effect needs to be elongated to be effective. Oh no. It fucks your shit up! Makes things absolutely buggy! Everything gets speedy for some reason and looks really funny.

I don't know how you people do it. I really don't.

So fuck trying to deinterlace. I need to get my codecs straight first. *grumble* Then we'll get to the deinterlacing....once I beat VDubMod into submission. Oy. *head desk*

ETA: Digging through files trying to find that darn AC3 codec. How do you lose something like this? I mean, really. It isn't like a set of keys. *shakes head*
ETA2: Wasn't the codec...this happens for some strange reason to a very few number of people. Haven't found out why, or a fix yet. *pout*