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A new layout and a quiz!!

See what happens when you don't go to sleep!

I'm very proud of myself. For some people this is all old hat but for me to create something I actually like and manage to get it up on my LJ without crashing the computer or any of the programs I used, is a miracle!

Just remember these are my very first attempts, okay second, and I'm never showing anyone the absolute first attempt, not even ghostgirl13! EVER! But I'm proud of these little guys. I turned one layout attempt into my new icon. Isn't it purty?! I love them! *bounces*

And just for fun, here is another quiz I found.

you are a slave to your muse
You write because it's that or invest in a padded
cell - story ideas just come to you, and demand
to be written. You see the scenes in your
head; the characters are all hanging out
between your ears having very interesting
conversations. Maybe you're crazy - or maybe
you just have a gift.

What Sort of Fanfic Author are You? (BtVS-themed pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yup, that's me.
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