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For the Love of My Brother: Rebirth (AU Spander, NC-17)

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I've been naughty. *snicker*

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Story Art by elizabeth_cs

So the thing that I managed to pull out of my ass for spring_with_xan? Yup! It was a chapter of Brother! The fact is I have several chapters that I never posted because I edit like a crazy person and change everything. I'm boggled that after so long people would still really love this story, but a few friends convinced me that some people would still be interested. So I took this weekend and worked on the porniest bit I have. *lol*

This Brother segment is subtitled Rebirth because..hello, irony! And can be read as its own story. You don't need to read the previous chapters to catch up. In fact, this segment is about three chapters ahead of where I left off. But if you feel so inclined previous chapters can be found here.

That said, this can be read as a separate PWP.

For the Love of My Brother: Rebirth (AU Spander, NC-17)
Tags: fic, for the love of my brother, human au, spander

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