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My fall_for_sx Creations! Vid and Fic

I was able to get out not just a fic, but a vid as well. And let me tell you, vids of this couple are not easy to make! But I had a blast making it.
Image hosted by
banner by the always amazing sueworld2003

Title: Nightmare on Revello Drive
Pairing: Spike/Xander - but only in Xander's dream
Songs: Someone In London and Dream A Little Dream
Artists: Godsmack and The Nat King Cole Trio - Respectively
Summary: What if Xander's dream in Restless went a little differently? He's not only running from the First Slayer, but from mysterious visions of Spike. What's a poor Scooby to do?
Warnings: Lots of effects!! If you don't like effects, turn back now.
Beta: Much love to spikesgurl

By far my most out-there vid. Enjoy! PASSWORD: nightmare

Low Quality Stream - no password required
Download Link
My Vid Page

Vid Notes: I wanted to keep the dream like atmosphere, so the vid is a wee bit on the weird side. I was playing mostly with the concept of duality. Often I used an effect (some more subtle then others) to illustrate that point, or some aspect of that other personality. I'm not sure how much all of that will come across, but if you think you are seeing a flashy rainbow, beaded curtain representing repressed may be on to something. *snicker*

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banner by the very talented kazzy_cee

Title: Battleground
Rating/Warnings: R; Allusions to non-con and gore. First person POV.
Summary: Post "Hush"; Spike and Xander get sucked into another world where vamps must fight each other to survive and humans are their caretakers. After years of having no one but each other for comfort, one impossible battle starts them down a road they never expected.
Notes: This is just a snippet in time, out of a much larger War!Verse, that's only in my head. *bg*
Betas: Much thanks to spikesgurl, beanbeans, elizabeth_cs, and jans_intentions.

Tags: fic, spander, vids

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