June 16th, 2014

Very Stoned by Sentine

Community Safe Zones aka Chuck Hansen is so Done with your Hate

Hey guys,
The fandom I'm in now is Pacific Rim. I will always love BtVS, Spike, Spuffy, Spander.....I'm actually in shock at how active the fandom still is here. But PR is almost exclusively at Tumblr. Problem is Tumblr has a lot of issues with it when all someone really wants to do is just enjoy a specific fandom/character/actor and heap love on them and just gab and have a good time. LJ wasn't perfect, never was. And I've had my fair share of ups and downs in my fandom life. But Tumblr is a whole other different beast.

I'm contemplating creating some kind of community safe zone as the character I love in Pacific Rim, Chuck Hansen, can be the subject of a lot of people's ire. Collapse ) Tumblr allows anyone to make any post with any tag. So if you're loving on Chuck and in his "tag", you can just as easily see the "I hate Chuck Hansen" post if someone decided to "tag their hate".

LJ was great in the respect that you can have communities based around one character/ship/show. These communities could be post moderated or not, but the general idea was "if you don't like it, why are you here?" So these communities were pretty much just love ins. All the love, none of the hate. I believe even in the unmoderated communities that mods were able to boot people out and delete posts if things ever got out of hand.

Tumblr seems to not have this ability to have unmoderated posting but safe zone communities. Or at least, they aren't as easy to set up and maintain. As a Tumblr newbie, I'm still figuring the place out. I found this article to explain Tumblr communities but it sounds really complicated and not at all an easy way to get people to participate.

One Blog, Multiple Members
You can add any number of secondary blogs alongside your primary one (the Tumblr you created when you first registered on the site), and these secondary blogs can be configured as group blogs. This means you can invite other users to be admins or members of the blog with posting rights. The Ask and Submit options (accessible via each blog's settings page) can be configured on any Tumblr site to enable users to interact with the blog and submit posts, even if they aren't admins or members.

Yeeeeaaaah. That sounds like the best Tumblr option but I've read that 5 times and still don't get it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and/or can talk to me about the differences in community management and member participation between LJ and Tumblr?

ETA: And also, do you really think it'll help? I mean, as soon as someone steps off the community and back to their dash, it's the same thing all over again.