December 25th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

My X-Mas of the Not So Merry!

So I've been told I had to get into Queer as Folk by several people lately and I hedged and dodged and didn't want to do it. After all the emotional investment I put into the Buffyverse I didn't feel I had enough love to spread around. Even to hot gay boys who bang each other on my television screen. Plus I don't get Showtime.

But my boyfriend went out of town and I rented all of Season 1 to keep myself company. Of course I watched it all in one day, all 22 episodes, all at once. I'm officially hooked on the show, tired and really horny. It didn't help that it ended in a massive cliffhanger and that all the Blockbusters in my area or out of the S2 sets. Lovely. I would buy S2 on DVD but money is tight right now considering my boyfriend accidently packed my wallet, and took it with him. So I have no credit cards or a way to get wads of cash. I have about 40 bucks, enought to rent but not to buy. So currently I've just been staring at the traffic screen in Kazaa praying it moves my download along, at all.

So, now I'm stuck wanting something I can't have. I'm about to join an LJ community where you can request episodes. So that is a plus but while traversing the web looking for downloads I find out that the show I just let myself get involved in, yesterday, after avoiding it for almost 6 months, is entering its final season.


A merry X-mas to all, and to all, a good night.
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