December 12th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

Looked what came out of the Drabble-Matic!

The Battle For The Bed

On the floor, Spike kissed his bed. He had been busy with the bed for hours and now wanted nothing more than a heavy cuddle or a soft massage from his lover Xander.

He said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden his hot Xander appeared at the door, grinning tightly.

"Put down the bed," Xander said huskily. "Unless you want me to kiss that bed on your cock."

Spike put down the bed. He was racing. He had never seen Xander so coiled before and it made him big.

Xander picked up the bed, then withdrew a come from his ass. "Don't be so racing," Xander said with a coiled grimace. "A wolf bit my pucker this morning, and everything became heated. Now with this bed and this come I can huskily rule the world!"

Spike clutched his flushed pucker quickly. This was his lover, his hot Xander, now staring at him with a coiled ass.

"Fight it!" Spike shouted. "The wolf just wants the bed for his own hot devices! He doesn't love you, not the heavy way I do!"

Spike could see Xander trembling quickly. Spike reached out his cock and touched Xander's ass huskily. He was hot, so hot, but he knew only his flushed love for Xander would break the wolf's spell.

Sure enough, Xander dropped the bed with a thunk. "Oh, Spike," he squealed. "I'm so heavy, can you ever forgive me?"

But Spike had already moved on the floor. Like the sky at night during a storm, he pressed his cock into Xander's ass. And as they fell together in a heated fit of love, the bed lay on the floor, big and forgotten.

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