December 6th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

William Ficathon Entry: Doomed to Make Mistakes (William/B NC-17)

Well, this got a little away from me. Much longer than I ever anticipated, I'll be posting it in three parts. The first tonight and then the next two parts spread throughout the week. Plus my other story for eurydice72's William Ficathon should be up tomorrow.

Title: Doomed to Make Mistakes
Author: Sharvie
Pairing: William/Buffy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: William is thrust into the present by a spell gone wrong.
Timeline: Post "Doomed"
Written for: lucky021 as part of eurydice72's William Ficathon, who requested Romantic Angst. Xander being nice, though reluctantly. Tara understanding when no one else does. William frightened and aroused by something kinky.
A/N: I’m usually Angstgirl, but for some reason the funny just wouldn’t stop coming. So it is a lot less angsty then anything I have ever written. Sorry about that. However, I’ve met all the other requirements quite nicely…er maybe. Depends on your definition of Kink. *g* Also my new shiny Spander obsession wouldn’t leave me alone, so we have whole bunches of Xander to play with.
Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were
Beta: Big thanks to crazydiamondsue, for putting up with my constant shenanigans and for never complaining when I chain her to the computer to await my beck and call. * wink*
Feedback: Love some, thanks

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Chuck Yells by Manual

Confessions of a Former Lurker

I looks like I tend to have insight only on other people's LJ's. So I'm reposting a comment I left at ___horrid's LJ after she posted a Feedback Poll. I found her site through the su_herald

I spent the first two years of the fandom leaving nothing by way of feedback. I justified it by reading much older work by people no longer in the fandom. (BtVS/Ats) As I got to become more familiar with people through messages boards, I started leaving feedback in their update threads. So if they were not a part of my board, they still didn't hear from me. But the feedback that I left was very personalized and often offered constructive criticism. I've thankfully never stepped on any toes, that I know of.

I very strongly do not believe in flaming as I see it as a complete disregard for the artist and their work, whether it is well written or not, it is theirs and I have no right to fault them their efforts. If I don't like something, or it is greatly flawed or simply in need of a beta, I say nothing.

Recently, I've become part of the LJ community. I adore LJ and the 'Leave a Comment' button, placed just so...right under the fic. At one time, I'd never would have responded to this poll much less added a comment to it, but since being a part of LJ, I've opened up quite a bit. And the user friendly and community nature of LJ is to blame.

I still often will only leave a meager, "Loved it, more please" comment, if I am unfamiliar with the artist. But for those fics that completely entrance me or keep me up all night thinking about, usually my feedback tends to ramble on, much like I am now. *snicker*

So to sum up...even a little feedback is good.
I should know.
I love getting mine.
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