October 4th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

Fic Update!

So my latest fic is off to beta! *bites nails down to nubs* I can't stop futzing with it though! I can barely decide what I'm having for breakfast, how in the world am I supposed to pick the right 3000 words?! And put them together to make sense? HA!
*crosses fingers that beta approves*
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Chuck Yells by Manual

Rec of the Day! Manipulations by Rune

So I couldn't really decide if I should rec this. But it is so damn good I just had too!

I was hesitant for a couple of reasons. One, because the site has been up for a long time, so it isn't anything new. But I was talking to a friend and realized sometimes things will be up forever and if you don't travel in those circles you never see it. So that was no longer an issue. Then there is the Adult content. It is only for people over 17. So no kiddies. And lastly, it is all homoerotic content...on second thought why am I not shouting this rec from the rooftops? *lol*

But the main reason is that some people are upset by manips in general. Something about the actors head and someone else's body. So with privacy issues aside, if anything I said so far isn't your cup of tea, just don't click on the link.

Elusive Soul is an beautifully awesome site. Rune has an extensive archive of slashy fiction that I have yet to work my way through. But even before I sprouted wings and headed to the 'hot gay sex' part of the fandom her artwork already stunned me. I have no clue how I found it but it amazed me. So for anyone interested in some gorgeous pieces of artwork I implore you to check out her manips. She has three pages of BtVS manips! Her use of color and light is brilliant, pun intended. Not all are couple pics, some are just of my fav vamp. And that is good too. Some I like more than others and some I just adore with my whole heart. This a lady with alot of talent. So without further hesitation, (I crack myself up) here is the...
Rec of the Day: Manipulations
Artist: Rune
Site: http://www.elusive-soul.com/
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