October 1st, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

Rec of the Day! Video "Dealing with Demons" by Sadique

So for today's rec, I discuss a video that has won over 11 awards from 6 different award sites. I watched it with my mouth gapping open and my tongue dragging across the keyboard. A vid set to Linkin Park's 'Papercut' the song discusses 'it's like the face inside is right, beneath my skin' while the vid depicts Spike and Angel trying to deal with the demons inside of them.

This vid has incredible editing and the vidder uses a particular technique that is perfect for this song. In fact I would swear this song was made for her vid, it is that good! Even now, months after first seeing it, I can't listen to that song without the video popping into my mind. It even sparked my interest in Linkin Park, where before there was none.

So even if you've never seen a vid before, or have and have been unimpressed go, see, oogle at this one. My description just really doesn't do it justice.
Rec of the Day: Video
Vidder: Sadique
Title: "Dealing with Demons"
Site: http://www.sadiquechienne.com/ - under her Buffy section
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