June 21st, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

I think my fandom ate me.

Okay so I was going to do a major LJ post with a huge to-do list of all things fandom but after three tries I gave it up. I was seriously pushing the limits, trying to do everything and in the process getting nothing done. I was drowning in my fandom. How sad is that? Anyway, subsequently I've pulled back. I've spent a minscule amount of time on the computer. Well at least to the massive hours of what once was.

Anyway if I didn't at least say ghostgirl13 is the best! Then I would have to hang my head in shame. She made me my own little icon! With my name and everything! And she just surprised me with it! I just about died! I totally love you babe, and you know it! big wet kisses

Sorry babysquid that we didn't meet up but we will have plenty more chances. But I did have a blast meeting gotami! I haven't seen a play in forever. It was beautiful up there and it was great just hanging out. We so need to keep you away from the gay boys though. *lol* Just kidding, I have a weakness for them myself. We so have to get together again before I move.

So finally the really big news!!!

I'm moving to Las Vegas!!!! So yes, that means all my AH pals are more than welcome to stay at my place the next time they come to town, as long as you all don't mind the floor. I'm so excited I don't even know what to say. Yeah!!!!
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