June 12th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

A Question...

So I just got some good news...bad news...I really can't tell. Okay, yes I can. I friend of mine just told me he got a great job. Now if I had stayed in contact with him and our other friend I just might have gotten that great job. As of now, I'm floating and I hate it. So I'm glad for him and pissed at myself for losing contact. Double edged sword I guess.

My question, gentle readers...(sorry couldn't help myself), is this. You like the city you live in but the job prospects are nill, in your field. You have friends who say move to their town because business is booming, but you hate it there. What do you do? Move to a town you hate for a chance at a great job or stay in the town you like when you'll probably have to get a dead end job you hate? Talk amoungst yourselves and get back to me, because I seriously need the advise right now.

Depressed in Limbo
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