June 9th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

My ass hurts!

Okay so sitting for 3 hours on metal bleachers makes your ass hurt. I should have realized this and taken a pillow to my sisters high school graduation but at least it is all over now. They even had fireworks! I don't remember fireworks at my graduation.

And as a follow up to my last LJ post. I was indeed late to the airport and therefore missed my plane. My luggage made it on time but I did not. It took 40 minutes to get from the check-in counter to the gate because of the security check. And just who do you supposed they picked to be pulled out and searched at random. Of course it was me. Tiny little, can't be any more of a white chick, me. This has happened twice now. I just don't get it. I know it has a purpose but I must look so innocent that they know I won't cause any trouble they use me as an excuse.

Oh well, so I ended up crying in the middle of the airport. It took me over an hour to realize that the airport had little booths, I could set up my computer and calm down by reading fanfic. By the time I realized they were there I needed to get ready to leave. Argh!

And now I'm at my parents and don't have access to my usual email so I feel all left out of everything. If it wasn't for the LJ I'd be completely lost. Thank you, Yani!
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