June 4th, 2004

Chuck Yells by Manual

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Well I just spent 2 hours going through the FAQ's of LJ's and I can safely say I am more confused now then ever before. And I think I need a website in order to get pics onto the LJ? One more breach eh? *sigh* Well it isn't too bad. I think I finally figured out how to change colors.

Now all I need to do is write a long awaited gig report for AH, burn a bunch of DVD's for Ghostgirl in less than a day, and catch up on some serious fic reading. Yeah, I'll be busy.

All that and I'm leaving town for a week to spend time with my sister as she graduates High School. Oh joy! I wonder if she knows anything about all this stuff? Hopefully we won't get into any fights this time. Last time kinda sucked.

Well I should be back once more before I'm off. But with the DVD's I can't do anything, and Jake stresses anything, while it is working on that. Apparently I burnt a hole through the computer's memory and it doesn't like me anymore. hehehe

I'm hell on machinery.

Oh yes, that reminds me. I wonder if I should have a little thing that says, "There will be frank and potentially disturbing discussions of an adult nature on this LJ. Don't forget to hide your blushing eyes cause there will also be cussing. I'm an adult, at least I think, so that is what it is going to be about." Or something to that effect. ;-)

And just so we all know what to expect....hehehe I'm evil. Here is an excerpt from my RL journal just after last summer.Collapse )

Yum! So yeah, I guess I have an odd sense of time and humor but at least things are looking up this summer. I wont bore anyone with the toe-curling, eyes rolling in the back of the head details cause no one really cares about that stuff.

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