Sharvie (_sharvie_) wrote,

Need help selling a textbook

Post divorce (paperwork pending) and having my career stall, though still be very fulfilling, I decided to go back to school. I signed up for two classes that will help give me a leg up at work. Not having been to school in over a decade, I'm still a little wobbly getting started. I thought it'd be a great idea to buy my textbooks early.

Yeah, no. Bad idea, bad idea!!

My class changed teachers and this new guy, while very cute, swapped books on me. I, wanting to save money, bought my book off the Internet and so I'm now stuck with this book that cost me over 70 bucks and nothing to do with it. The bookstore won't take it, cause for some reason they have a surplus...hmm, I wonder how that could be?

Everyone suggests selling it online, much like I bought it, but I've never done that. I figure you sorta need that all important feedback or something. Grrr. Anyone have any info....Barnes and Noble offered to buy it from me for a whopping 12 bucks.

I'm so screwed. And lost...I don't know who to ask cause really, it's not something that comes up in conversation. "Oo, I just sold my old textbook last night, Yay!" Yeah, no.

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