Sharvie (_sharvie_) wrote,

SPN Vid Rec: Supernatural: At the Movies

You know those vids that capture your imagination and don't let go? You know the ones. They stick with you later on in the day and when you think about them, you giggle like a mad woman, which makes your co-workers think you've gone nuts. But you don't care cause you're replaying the vid in your head?

This is one of those! Supernatural: At the Movies

This vid is something special. ash48 has taken the fact that SPN works on so many levels and beautifully and creatively illustrated that point by giving us 6 "films" for the price of one. We get slapstick, slasher, western, noir, action, and drama. And it's all wonderfully wrapped up in a beautiful bow with movie posters and red curtains donated by the talented maichan .... it's just one of those vids you gotta see to believe. I don't know how she comes up with this stuff but I am thrilled I get to come along for the ride.

ash48 is one of my all time favorite vidders. She's creative, her skills are superb, and she's about just the nicest person I've ever had the privilege to collaborate with. This last year and a half has been really rough, really rough. But one of the things that always put a smile on my face and consistently brightened my day was getting an email from ash48 saying she had another version of one of her vids and would I mind taking a look. This vid not only made me smile, but I just about died laughing so many times I lost count. Not all of the vid is funny though. The slasher section made me squirm, the noir and western just had me boggling at her spot-on style choices, and the action was....well, action packed. Hee!

Girl, you know you rock my socks off!

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