Sharvie (_sharvie_) wrote,

For the Love of My Brother: "Movie Poster"

Have you guys seen this?! FTLOMB Movie Poster!!!! *bounce-bounce*

About a week ago katekat1010 asked over at spring_with_xan for fics, whether old or new, or yes, even the dreaded WIP. So I put my forlorn WIP in. I always wanted to get back to this fic but I just could never seem to find the fire. Maybe this gorgeous fic poster will give me a shot in the arm? I hate that I have two WIPs. Some people have dozens, I should at least be able to finish off two. *hangs head*

So yay, look at the pretty! And if anyone still wants to take a chance on the fic, WIP and all, I hope you enjoy it.

If you stay away from WIPs like the plague, like I do, check out Rebirth. It was a chapter that I took from the FTLOMB world and turned into a one shot for the 2006 season of spring_with_xan. It's got most everything the fic does except that pesky plot. *lol* No seriously, it takes a good chunk of what the fic is all about and wraps it up in a pretty little bow. So maybe that'll more be your cup of tea?

Hope you enjoy and dude! Check out that poster! Wow!
Tags: artwork, for the love of my brother, human au, spander

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