Sharvie (_sharvie_) wrote,

Pimping ash48

Wow, look at me posting and all... :D

I'm back to pimp ash48, who is getting her day in the spotlight over at spnroundtable for this month's Ask the Vidder. For anyone not familiar with the comm, every month they pick a great vidder to come and talk about...well anything anyone decides to ask. I've been her beta for over a year now and we're still going strong.

She's put together a great 5 step process for how she makes her vids. She even asked me if I wanted to add my own little blurb in about betaing. I squeed my little heart out and jumped at the chance! So yup, if you have questions for me about vid betaing, I'm there too. :D

So if you're interested in vidding at all, go over and ask Ash what makes her tick. What she manages to do in her vids just consistently blows me away! The one she's finishing up now has had me nearly fall out of my chair with squee several times. I can't wait till she posts it!

So yeah, love vidding? Have a burning question to ask or just want to chat? Head on over! Ask Ash
Tags: vidding meta

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