Sharvie (_sharvie_) wrote,

Bait and Switch Oops

So I did my remapping of the drive, changed out my Js for Is, but then realized I needed to completely redo the DGIndex. Good thing I knew exactly what vobs I put in there as I wanted to start small and just used an entire ep to start with. So did that, got my new shiny avs file and proceeded to get my new VFAPI file to input into Vegas. But wait, because I was playing around with bait and switch and my huge mjpeg file was sitting in my main project folder and that's where I sent the new smaller VFAPI file.....I just wrote over a 2GB file with a tiny 4MB file! *head desk* If only I'd moved it to the bait folder first.

Good thing I really don't need it and if need be can recreate it fast. And again, no freak out. *wipes brow*
Tags: vidding meta
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