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RoguePythia — LiveJournal
Hey guys,
The fandom I'm in now is Pacific Rim. I will always love BtVS, Spike, Spuffy, Spander.....I'm actually in shock at how active the fandom still is here. But PR is almost exclusively at Tumblr. Problem is Tumblr has a lot of issues with it when all someone really wants to do is just enjoy a specific fandom/character/actor and heap love on them and just gab and have a good time. LJ wasn't perfect, never was. And I've had my fair share of ups and downs in my fandom life. But Tumblr is a whole other different beast.

I'm contemplating creating some kind of community safe zone as the character I love in Pacific Rim, Chuck Hansen, can be the subject of a lot of people's ire. Where I contemplate Tumblr tags, community post moderation and how best to create a Chuck Hansen Love-InCollapse ) Tumblr allows anyone to make any post with any tag. So if you're loving on Chuck and in his "tag", you can just as easily see the "I hate Chuck Hansen" post if someone decided to "tag their hate".

LJ was great in the respect that you can have communities based around one character/ship/show. These communities could be post moderated or not, but the general idea was "if you don't like it, why are you here?" So these communities were pretty much just love ins. All the love, none of the hate. I believe even in the unmoderated communities that mods were able to boot people out and delete posts if things ever got out of hand.

Tumblr seems to not have this ability to have unmoderated posting but safe zone communities. Or at least, they aren't as easy to set up and maintain. As a Tumblr newbie, I'm still figuring the place out. I found this article to explain Tumblr communities but it sounds really complicated and not at all an easy way to get people to participate.

One Blog, Multiple Members
You can add any number of secondary blogs alongside your primary one (the Tumblr you created when you first registered on the site), and these secondary blogs can be configured as group blogs. This means you can invite other users to be admins or members of the blog with posting rights. The Ask and Submit options (accessible via each blog's settings page) can be configured on any Tumblr site to enable users to interact with the blog and submit posts, even if they aren't admins or members.

Yeeeeaaaah. That sounds like the best Tumblr option but I've read that 5 times and still don't get it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and/or can talk to me about the differences in community management and member participation between LJ and Tumblr?

ETA: And also, do you really think it'll help? I mean, as soon as someone steps off the community and back to their dash, it's the same thing all over again.
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Hey guys,
Long time, no post. Of course I pop my head up wanting help looking for a hot guy. It's a D&G ad that I think made it onto the cover of this book here: http://www.amazon.com/Darkest-Whisper-Lords-Underworld/dp/0373773927

Either that or it's really close.

I came across the same pic in a vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mctTsUCQ-_0 It's the pic that runs from 1:33 to 1:34. I thought it might be the same pic cause it's a fan made vid of hot models for that book series. So when I saw the two similar pics...now I want to know if it's the same guy from the same shoot.

But no matter how much I google....I can't find a pic or find out who the model is...of either the book or the ad.

Anyone have any ideas?

p.s. I know I have peeps to get back to. *meep* Don't throw things too hard. *ducks tomatoes*
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Due to some personal issues I won't be around much. I hope to be back soon.
If anyone needs to reach me comment here or email me.
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Post divorce (paperwork pending) and having my career stall, though still be very fulfilling, I decided to go back to school. I signed up for two classes that will help give me a leg up at work. Not having been to school in over a decade, I'm still a little wobbly getting started. I thought it'd be a great idea to buy my textbooks early.

Yeah, no. Bad idea, bad idea!!

My class changed teachers and this new guy, while very cute, swapped books on me. I, wanting to save money, bought my book off the Internet and so I'm now stuck with this book that cost me over 70 bucks and nothing to do with it. The bookstore won't take it, cause for some reason they have a surplus...hmm, I wonder how that could be?

Everyone suggests selling it online, much like I bought it, but I've never done that. I figure you sorta need that all important feedback or something. Grrr. Anyone have any info....Barnes and Noble offered to buy it from me for a whopping 12 bucks.

I'm so screwed. And lost...I don't know who to ask cause really, it's not something that comes up in conversation. "Oo, I just sold my old textbook last night, Yay!" Yeah, no.
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You know those vids that capture your imagination and don't let go? You know the ones. They stick with you later on in the day and when you think about them, you giggle like a mad woman, which makes your co-workers think you've gone nuts. But you don't care cause you're replaying the vid in your head?

This is one of those! Supernatural: At the Movies

This vid is something special. ash48 has taken the fact that SPN works on so many levels and beautifully and creatively illustrated that point by giving us 6 "films" for the price of one. We get slapstick, slasher, western, noir, action, and drama. And it's all wonderfully wrapped up in a beautiful bow with movie posters and red curtains donated by the talented maichan .... it's just one of those vids you gotta see to believe. I don't know how she comes up with this stuff but I am thrilled I get to come along for the ride.

ash48 is one of my all time favorite vidders. She's creative, her skills are superb, and she's about just the nicest person I've ever had the privilege to collaborate with. This last year and a half has been really rough, really rough. But one of the things that always put a smile on my face and consistently brightened my day was getting an email from ash48 saying she had another version of one of her vids and would I mind taking a look. This vid not only made me smile, but I just about died laughing so many times I lost count. Not all of the vid is funny though. The slasher section made me squirm, the noir and western just had me boggling at her spot-on style choices, and the action was....well, action packed. Hee!

Girl, you know you rock my socks off!
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So I'm totally in love with Kris Allen's performance of Heartless and went to Itunes to download the single.

The AI producers totally ruined the studio version! They added all this soft elevator type music into it ruining the whole piece. *rolls eyes* The reason it was so blow away brilliant was because it was just a man and his guitar not a man, his guitar, and freaking chimes.



Anyway, anyone got the mp3 of the show version? I'm not feeling very generous towards Itunes right now. *grumble*
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Have you guys seen this?! FTLOMB Movie Poster!!!! *bounce-bounce*

About a week ago katekat1010 asked over at spring_with_xan for fics, whether old or new, or yes, even the dreaded WIP. So I put my forlorn WIP in. I always wanted to get back to this fic but I just could never seem to find the fire. Maybe this gorgeous fic poster will give me a shot in the arm? I hate that I have two WIPs. Some people have dozens, I should at least be able to finish off two. *hangs head*

So yay, look at the pretty! And if anyone still wants to take a chance on the fic, WIP and all, I hope you enjoy it.

If you stay away from WIPs like the plague, like I do, check out Rebirth. It was a chapter that I took from the FTLOMB world and turned into a one shot for the 2006 season of spring_with_xan. It's got most everything the fic does except that pesky plot. *lol* No seriously, it takes a good chunk of what the fic is all about and wraps it up in a pretty little bow. So maybe that'll more be your cup of tea?

Hope you enjoy and dude! Check out that poster! Wow!

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So I haven't done one of these in a long time but this vid just needs to be recced!

Violence & Sex by ash48

This is a pre-Wincest AU vid set to "When Doves Cry". No, seriously! I'm not kidding. And it's freaking phenomenal! This could have been a train wreck, but she worked her butt off on this! You get the angst, the violence, the sex, the emotions!! She has it all and it works! The editing alone would have me drooling but her subtle use of effects just blow me away!

You guys know me, I love me some porn footage. So it was with great glee that I provided her some. I know how plain these clips are so I was shocked to see how beautiful she made them. She chose just the right moments and then the effect she used, wow, I still don't know how she achieved it, but the bodies subtly glowed! She found just the right balance, giving us sexy but not trashy. Nope, with as much porn is in this, it's not NC-17. Which is an amazing feat on its own! *lol*

The emotion, the effects, the editing, the porn...can't forget that! :P She always wows me but here, I'm head over heels blown away! Love it!!


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Wow, look at me posting and all... :D

I'm back to pimp ash48, who is getting her day in the spotlight over at spnroundtable for this month's Ask the Vidder. For anyone not familiar with the comm, every month they pick a great vidder to come and talk about...well anything anyone decides to ask. I've been her beta for over a year now and we're still going strong.

She's put together a great 5 step process for how she makes her vids. She even asked me if I wanted to add my own little blurb in about betaing. I squeed my little heart out and jumped at the chance! So yup, if you have questions for me about vid betaing, I'm there too. :D

So if you're interested in vidding at all, go over and ask Ash what makes her tick. What she manages to do in her vids just consistently blows me away! The one she's finishing up now has had me nearly fall out of my chair with squee several times. I can't wait till she posts it!

So yeah, love vidding? Have a burning question to ask or just want to chat? Head on over! Ask Ash


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I saw this and couldn't pass up posting it cause of spikesgurl who has seen this show over 30 times! I have no idea half of what they are singing but it made me smile. Hope you like it, hun!

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