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i'd rather die on my feet...

take me to the sea.

heather. nerd. past life pirate. unavailable. buffalo bills fan. fat. hater. shade thrower. disney lover. veteran. in love. 34 years old. undercover funny. founding member of session crew and frequent member of team mad about it. sock lover. originally from buffalo, ny — currently moonlighting in chicago, il. i don't have perfect teeth or grammar. some day i will live in another country. my skin isn't flawless. i love hip hop and want to be like lucille bluth when i grow up. i am very interested in tarot. addicted to tumblr. i watch way too much tv. i spent 9 years of my life in the United States Army and i have been to both bosnia and iraq. yes, iraq sucked. i suffer from PTSD which i treat with street drugs and getting tattooed. my escape is harry potter. i identify with slytherin house and i won't hesitate to step on toes to reach my goals. i ship ginny and luna and will give anyone the side eye that disagrees with me. i work in publishing and i'm always on deadline and i wouldn't have it any other way. i can make you believe anything i want you to believe [see secretive]. i am involved in the greatest sport in the world, roller derby, and i have an alter ego named loretta beretta. i don't care for bugs and i am loud. i think capital letters are abrasive. i am very pro-choice, anti-organized religion, LBGTQ supportive and friendly. the other half of my golden amulet is in australia. i am obsessed with documentaries about cults, gangs & religion. i collect baby-sitters club books and have an unhealthy obsession with finding treasure. feel free to judge me, chances are i probably have already judged you. my journal is friends only.

♥ the two most important people in my life. eric and alyshia. ♥

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