elite. - [slytherin]

friends cut.

if you didn't show an interest in sticking around - i removed you. no hard feelings. i really want to start using my journal again as an outlet and i really only feel comfortable having people on board that want to be on board!

expect a proper update soonish.

cnr. the original. - [cnr]

friends cut complete.

if i have removed you from my friends list - its because A. i haven't heard from you in forever and B. you haven't said that you wish to stay.

if i removed you and you DO still wish to stay - please let me know. as i said in my last two posts mentioning this - i had a lot of issue with my trust being broken and thats why i took a break from LJ. now that i wish to take back my LJ i don't want lurkers lurking about. i'm sure you all understand.

no hard feelings!