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Japanese Cotton - Trilogy -

Happy Monday!

It's so cold over here that my hands hurt, the weather has been changing very dramatically :( that I'm stating to feel a little sick, I wanted to put on my gloves but I can't type with them so I will hurry with this post :)

I always tend to fall behind with posts, I have lots of photos to show you and stories waiting to be told and I always manage somehow to forget about them and tend to show you only the new, well I intend to change that and that's why I am going to talk about the - Japanese Cotton Trilogy -


You know I am a big fan of Japanese style and aesthetics :), I love Kawaii stationery and items and I'm also quite fond of Zakka, over the last years I've been lucky enough to play with - Japanese Craft Books- they are both inspiring and challenging :) the perfect combination to avoid boredom while crafting ( if you ever get bored with something)


That special interest for these wonderful books took me to notice the Japanese Books-Magazines like the Cotton Trilogy ; Cotton Time, Cotton & Paint and Cotton Friend.
I love the Book-Magazine format because it has the best of both worlds! The fun parts of a magazine with the information and tutorials of a book the best thing of all is that they are monthly or seasonal issues, so their are pack with fun,inspiring projects to try, 100 pages in big high quality pages, just like a book!


I wanted to get my hands on these for so long with no luck at all, one issue on ebay or other sites can cost $23 to $26, with that amount I can get me other books I want at amazon :(, so it wasn't until a dear friend of mine sent me these that I was able to experience These types of Publications.


Full of beautiful photos and home zakka, you can also find tea,bag,plush,felting,clothes tutorials and complete patterns among other craft items with a Vintage flare, it also has some easy to follow patchwork and fabric combination tips.
Other fun thing about Cotton Time is that often they include a special supplement or small glossy book inside the magazine a little extra for your craft obsession.



I adore the variety of craft projects Cotton & Paint has to offer from jewelry to patchwork,sewing,knitting,crochet and Wood Crafts! yes you can make your own wooden pin boards, chalkboards and kitchen organizers with these step by step tutorials :) How Fun!
Cotton & Paint also includes a DVD with the instructions of a feature project wow!



Cotton Friend is as cool and beautiful as the other magazines in the Cotton Trilogy but this one is very romantic and has that special Antique French Flare that applies to all their projects ; crochet,embroidery,needlework,garment sewing,patchwork,card making and even scrapbooking.
This one also includes a little extra, in the issue I got Vol. 23 I receive a Antique Style Paper box :) very French, I got really exited because you know I love to assemble paper items.

Can't decide between the three because each one of them is special and they complement each other very well, If you're ever curious about Japanese Crafts I recommend you take a look of any of these because there you can find all sorts of crafts that you haven't think of before, I was so inspired that I don't want to miss an issue, they are well worth the money and just like when you play with Japanese Craft Books your Craft experience will never be same again :).

If you want to see the rest of the photos or these ones bigger, go an check
My Flickr You will find more there :)

Well I'm off to eat something now, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did ♥

Is starting to Smell like Christmas..


It's nice to be back, I had a great Thanksgiving weekend :), I ate a LOT!! definitely much more than last Thanksgiving, It must be because of the sweet smell of all those baked goodies, mmmm.... yummy!

And I also have to say, Is starting to look,feel and smell like Christmas,there's something special about this year that gets me all exited and inspired, I've started looking for my holiday themed fabric,trims and ribbons, they're in a big plastic storage box, can't wait to work with them!

In my Last Post I told you that I wanted to show you the yoyos I made with the clover tools LiLi sent me, and here they are


You can see the felt basket Lili made for me :), it was quite useful to hold my sweet yoyos, I made classic and heart shaped because I want to use them to embellish ornaments or other stuff.


I got so exited that I made a Big one :) a clone of that super Yoyo is going to end up as a cap :), Yes a cap for a little guy I am sewing, tell you more about him later.


I took this book out of the library the other day The Spirit of Christmas, It is a nice read with lots of Christmas recipes and crafty projects.


The book has different Christmas themes, like Serenity Season (white) Classical (red and green) and Cowboy :), the projects and instructions are simple with full of nice pictures and patterns.


And look at this, I'm crazy for these - Papier-Mache Ornaments -they would look great with fabric and the -Tiny Tag Tree- is precious, love the idea to use tags as ornaments, I wonder if it works with a normal size tree.

Well have to paint some pending projects, I hope these images get you inspired to star making your ornaments :) and when you're done, don't forget to show me ok ♥

Take Care and See ya!

Canvas Fabric - Sale Post -

Hi! ^_^

How are you doing today, I've been cleaning my desk and craft table, because it's a total mess and I hate working under a could of disaster lol

Anyway , I need YOUR HELP :), since I've been overspending way to much lately, My paypal account is empty :( and I really need some funds, so I decided to give a sales preview of what I intent to sell in my new shop soon.
Sorry about the weird pictures but I haven't got the hang of my new camera yet, I'm working on it still.


I'm selling 2-3 Fat quarter canvas fabric stashes, Each Stash consist of 5 FQ's of heavy to medium weigh canvas fabric
3 of them are 18" X 23" and
2 of them are 18" X 28" WIDE

Take this beauties for $16 Domestic Shipping Included, if you live overseas email me for shipping price :)

I only take paypal , immediate payment required :), hurry up because they go fast and it's a very good deal since the normal price of a canvas FQ is 7, here you can take all 5 for 16 shipped.






Comment or email me if you're interested ^_^

Thanks in Advance and

Enjoy your day!! ♥