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:: Almost Done ::

I'm feeling sleepy today, must be because I've been running like crazy trying to get everything ready for Christmas, I made some final purchases online yesterday and had to paid extra for shipping $_$, so they can be on time, fingers crossed !

Posting Yesterday was impossible, my internet was acting weird until this morning so uploading images was a pain.
But enough of that, :) I wanted to show you what I did over the weekend.


I played with these lovely papers :), cutting,wrapping,folding and even sewing them to pack the ornaments I sent,these beauties are form the Martha Stewart Crafts line, Aren't they cute?


I prepared this Birthday-Christmas present for a very CRAFTY girl :) I didn't had the chance to send her something for her Birthday so I wanted to make it double this time, no, I'm not telling who because it's a surprise! I hope she gets it soon.


And these two cute FQ's are flying all the way to CANADA, along with a Christmas Card, another crafty surprise for a nice patient girl.


I did a lot of packing and these Holiday Deco-Tapes helped me to decorate envelopes and parcels, Love the Bells and the Holiday Greetings ^_^


How much did I pack? well see for yourself, I ship them out last Friday and clumsy me forgot to add some small letters and parcels I had in my outbox drawer X_X, so I need to make another trip to the post office.

I am almost done with all my Holiday errands, I only need to worry about Christmas Dinner and sending the last batch of snail mail :) Can't wait to stay home and relax a bit.

Well I hope you have a calm nice day and I'll show you the ornaments I sent on those brown paper bags on my next post

Take Care!

Paper Toy Friday - Cute Santa -

Yay! It's Paper Toy Friday
It's a little bit rainy outside, nice cold wind, the weather is perfect to stay at home, drink a cup of hot cocoa and download this -Paper Toy Santa - I found for you.

Finally! I had some time to sit down and put together a paper toy, I haven't done one in months and I've started to get a little rusty, this one took me more time as usual, because I haven't practice and I haven't changed my X-acto blades.


Isn't He cute??
This Precious Santa is designed by Christopher a talented illustrator,designer and artist, You can check his portfolio and his awesome artwork at his website here ---> Macula


It comes with a yummy candy cane and a cute bell, other details that made me melt was his white beard and rosy cheeks ♥


It took me almost an hour to assemble, but like I said before it's because I haven't done one in a while, If you have practice you can do it in less time :), It's worth it!

Christopher pass me this other link were you will find, Christmas cards by other artists and Illustrators ---> Robotface


Well, Now you got the perfect Christmas Paper Toy to decorate your desk, just



Enjoy and have a Fun Weekend

Is starting to Smell like Christmas..


It's nice to be back, I had a great Thanksgiving weekend :), I ate a LOT!! definitely much more than last Thanksgiving, It must be because of the sweet smell of all those baked goodies, mmmm.... yummy!

And I also have to say, Is starting to look,feel and smell like Christmas,there's something special about this year that gets me all exited and inspired, I've started looking for my holiday themed fabric,trims and ribbons, they're in a big plastic storage box, can't wait to work with them!

In my Last Post I told you that I wanted to show you the yoyos I made with the clover tools LiLi sent me, and here they are


You can see the felt basket Lili made for me :), it was quite useful to hold my sweet yoyos, I made classic and heart shaped because I want to use them to embellish ornaments or other stuff.


I got so exited that I made a Big one :) a clone of that super Yoyo is going to end up as a cap :), Yes a cap for a little guy I am sewing, tell you more about him later.


I took this book out of the library the other day The Spirit of Christmas, It is a nice read with lots of Christmas recipes and crafty projects.


The book has different Christmas themes, like Serenity Season (white) Classical (red and green) and Cowboy :), the projects and instructions are simple with full of nice pictures and patterns.


And look at this, I'm crazy for these - Papier-Mache Ornaments -they would look great with fabric and the -Tiny Tag Tree- is precious, love the idea to use tags as ornaments, I wonder if it works with a normal size tree.

Well have to paint some pending projects, I hope these images get you inspired to star making your ornaments :) and when you're done, don't forget to show me ok ♥

Take Care and See ya!

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