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- Have they arrived Yet? -


How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty awesome !! I ate a lot and had a great time with my mom and brother, I will post some really cool gifts in other post :) you will looooove them!

I am trying to relax and have some time away from the computer, but it's really hard sometimes, I always get inspiration and want to work work work, but I am very tired and do need a little vacation.

In other news - I'm soo behind on sending your X-mas surprise cards and goodies X_X to ALL MY LJ AND FLICKR FRIENDS ( specially Ninna and Cristina Flor de sol), I think you will get them early next month ( or year ^_^ 2007), lol It's been so hectic and now I'm preparing for my new years eve dinner.

Here are the goodies I have send recently ( 2 weeks ago), please do let me know when you get them Lili and Marianne, Shiyu already got hers :), I don't want them to be lost, there big boxes and there a big temptation ofr people and customs.


I made this Special stocking for the X-mas Pop Culture Swap ^_^ I hope she likes all the kawaii goodies that i put in there like candy,pencils,stamps,little plushies etc , I like how it turned out, sorry for the bad picture but it was very late when i finish it.

these are the other surprises, hot cocoa and x-mas candy, I also made her a great CD mix.


these are the surprises I owe to Lili from Singapore, hope she likes them!!
She ask me for chococat goodies a while ago, I hope she gets them soon :), there were a bit hard to find, I wanted to keep them for myself lol.

More Goodies HereCollapse )

Holiday WIP ♥

Just a quick post before I get back to my sewing table, I know it's not Friday tp post WIP projects but (as always) I'm a little behind with my crafty chores ;), SO here are some pics of my X-mas WIP (Work In Process)

An army od little gingerbread men ornaments is awaiting to be baked lol or sewed.


This are some brooches and magnets there almost done, I just need to wrap them in their cute holiday packaging. ( sorry for this crappy photo but it was taken late at night)

And here the little cuties are taking shape, I will post the finish result when I'm done :), Last year I made some of these babies to give them as gifts for friends.

I Better get to work now, because I'm almost done, I plan to do an Etsy update soon maybe before or after thanksgiving ^_^ because I got more and different Holiday Goodies for you.

Have a nice Crafty Day and
Take Care ♥

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