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Entries by tag: warmnfuzzy

- Mushies and more Mushies -


Nice Sunny day were are having here, not to hot and not that cold either, I like it when the wind blows like this :)

Many things have happened since my last post :) , I've been working a lot and taking pictures of my old work like crazy :) I just finished yesterday and I wanted to rest a bit and sew something, cuz I have a lot of cute fabric that I want to use :) that's making me incredibly giddy right now.

I need to work on some PDF files today in order for them to be really by tomorrow or Tuesday, Another exiting thing is that I've been receiving lots of invitations for fun and interesting art projects ~ Yay! can't wait to receive my material so I can start working on my contributions :) that's something I'm looking forward to.

So since I got lots of pictures that I wont be needing for my project ,I'm going to post them here :)

Say hello to my little Mushie here lol

It's of combination of quilting and embroidery over linen :), made with Heather Baileys Fresh Cut Fabrics Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut Fabrics I bought, the linen is mounted on a 8 x 10 canvas for the picture only lol because I need to buy the frames :), I liked how it turned out, this cutie is going to Scarlett's wall, because she's crazy for mushrooms lately. I also made her a t-shirt but I'm saving that picture for later.

I've also noticed that a mushroom mania it's spreading on blogs and Flickr, must be because we have lots of inspiration , like the cute mushrooms from Kamio and Q-lia and little kawaii stationery like the ones I have here -->


These cute memos are form the Pop'n Friends Collection by Kamio Japan, I got these in an ebay auction a few months ago and I love them all, I haven't seen them in a pack before , there so hard to find :)


And you know I love stamps, self inking, handmade you name it, I love them even more if they are kawaii like these ones by Q-lia!, with cute stationery Scarlett and I get super inspired :) we both fanatics of Japanese cuteness.

I've been receiving lots of snail mail :), I need to take some pictures so I can show you the goods!, well I better get back to work.

Take Care and
Have a crafty day!

- Little Tiny Boxes -

I like the weather today, a little cloudy but not too cold, so it's fine :)

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a new Camera ^_^ at last!, the one I have is 6 years old X_X and it takes 1.2 MPI pictures , so as you can see I can't take the good quality photos I need to deliver for a secret awesome project with this thing, So I'm thinking of getting one of these, I can't decide --->

Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Canon A640
I wanted the Canon Digital Rebel XTi but that camera is way of my price range right now $_$ LOL

Do you own or have tried any of these Cameras?? Can you recommend me one you like?? I want to choose the best ^_^

I'm, also gonna send some pending packages and going to pick up my mail tomorrow ,I'm expecting some lovely swap packages, can't wait! I love going to the post office.


This cuties is filled with 1" buttons/badges,ladybug sewing buttons, duck buttons,ladybug brooch,an angel chocolate,some kawaii mini memo sheets and other cute goodies ( not shown in picture).

This Lovely Ladybug is for the - Kawaii Matchbox Swap - the theme for this month is "Things with Wings" that's why I painted the box as a ladybug ♥


These Crocheted goodies are for Barbara (-Crafty- from Flickr), this is just a little peek of my end of the swap, I will send her some yummy candy and fabrics among other goodies.


Here are some FQ's of my private collection,I know she likes these prints and colors :), so hopefully she will be happy, more pictures of our swap in my Flcikr Page

Well I hope you can give me some feedback about the camera :)
Take Care and Have a great day!!

I ♥ Q-lia

Monday already!

How was your weekend? I had a hectic week and I did relax a bit yesterday, I missed Paper Toy Friday X_X, sorry about that but I was really busy, I promise you that this Friday is going to Rock!! You will love the Paper Toy I've be posting lol

There's no Mr. Sun today and I wanted to take some pictures, I don't like to take them in this kind of weather.

oh and how I miss sewing!! I have lots of nice fabric but no the time :( I hope this week I manage to take some time off to sew something ^_^, because I'm expecting some nice fabrics from Superbuzzy , so I'm all giddy.

Last week I took some pictures of my Q-lia mini memo Collection!! I wanted to share these cuties with you :)


I don't have a favorite, I love them all, How I wish they make Plush toy out of these Characters, they drive me nuts lol


I was procrastinating at Flickr the other day when it occurred to me that there was no Q-lia Group there only various dedicated to Kawaii goodies and other one exclusively to Kamio, so since I'm crazy for this brand I decided to make the ::Q-lia:: Group , So if you have some nice pictures of Q-lia Characters, stationery and other goodies don't forget to post then at the group pool, I'll love to see everyones photos there!!


I made this buttons for swaps and I plan to do other stuff with them soon as soon as I get my craft supplies in the mail ^_^, I cut some memo sheets to make them, I didn't want to but I guess it was worth it ^_^


Love the Kamio and Q-lia mushies, Witch one is your favorite???

Well enough Eye-Candy for today ♥ Gotta get back to work
keep crafting and Take Care!

- Swaps 'n More Swaps -

Hi Again!

Just a quick little post to let know my Swap Administrators at Swap-Bot that I sent mine just In time ^_^
I hope they get to their destinations really soon


This Package is for the - Super Kawaii Super Swappers Swap - A special VIP swap,I received an invitation and I couldn't resist, I hope my Secret Partner likes everything , this is a peek there's still more goodies in that envelope. I'm all exited can't wait to get mine ^_^

This one is for -My Tiny Box of Joy- they created this swap to erase all the negative feelings about scammers on swapbot and since I've had horrible experiences with Swap-Bot before I decides to give it a try and make someone happy ^_^.


My Secret Partner Loves Happy Potter so I decides to decorate the matchbox with HP Items, I filled the box with 1"buttons and made some little book notepads ^_^, I also send her some coloring-story books I found at a local store.

There's more pictures at my flickr page if you want to see the details ^_^
See you around
Take Care ♥

- Toad Mushroom ::PTF:: 'n Goodies -

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a very productive week, mine was a little hectic because I'm finishing and adjusting a lot of things that were sitting around on my to-do list, I wont be around here this weekend because I'm going to format and Install a new OS in my desktop computer and I will be busy backing up info and installing software.
In other news you can see the new look X_X It seems that LJ disabled my "personal theme" and If I want it back I have to pay the account again, and since I haven't been very happy with LJ , I decided that I will syndicate it from another blog , I will tell you witch one later.

Passing to more pleasant things, I got the most lovely surprise in my mail the other day ^_^


from the lovely Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane


A bag full of wonderful goodies; a Strawberry Lipgloss, little notecards, lollipops, beautiful paper a postcard and a cute apple photo frame!

It's magical how a hand full of these little things can bright up your day :), I was lucky enough to Win this little treasure in Heidi's Blog Givaway. Another great reason for reading her amazing Blog
If by any reason you haven't seen her site, DO IT RIGHT NOW, You just have to LOL.


And Yes!! Today is ::PTF:: Paper Toy Friday and I have this classic Nintendo Mushie that Everyone likes!

- Toad - Was really easy to make a total of 16 minutes,He's body parts are very simple and not as small as other paper toys, so you won't have a hard time with his pieces. This is a great Paper Toy for kids!
I found him about a year ago in a Japanese Website, but that site is down now :( but the credits are in the cutting sheet :).


Isn't he adorable?? Go on I want to see yours lol You know what to do



Little Toad Wishes You To Have a Happy Weekend! ♥
Take Care and have Fun

PTF - Awesome :: ROBOT ::

It's Friday (PTF), so that means that another Paper Toy it's on it's way!!
Today I want to show you this awesome Crazy Robot -->


He's easy to assemble (level 2) not to complicated but not as simple as the last paper toy I've posted,it took me 30 minutes to finished him because hes arms have little waves that requires detail and attention.


These one consumes a little more ink but he's really worth It, bright colors and very nice Illustration ;)


Awesome Robot was designed by Lou Lou Illustrations Visit their web page and you can find 2 more Paper Toys to play with.

So you know the drill this is Your paper toy for the weekend, don't forget to



Have a very nice weekend and wave By By to Robot!!
Take Care ♥

.: Mexican Dolly 2 :.

How are you?? I hope you're fine, I'm catching up with the journal, didn't post yesterday because I took Willy to the airport (business trip) and then I went to a Big fabric warehouse in TJ , It's heaven in there they have really amazing fabrics ^_^ they gave me some samples catalogs and the wholesale price lists, I'm so exited about this project .. I'll tell you more as It resolves itself.. I don't want to spoil it. ;)

Remember about the little guy I told you in This Post Well I finally finished him,It took me a while to make his clothes and hair, he was more difficult to sew than Rosita but now that he's all done he will keep company to Rosita , I don't know he's name yet... I'm thinking of Juan? Jose? any suggestions?


He measures 13.5 inches tall and filled with the same hard polyfil like Rosita,I made his shirt with a nice cotton fabric piece that I was going to throw away, good thing that i keep it , because i think he looks nice ;) the sad thing is that I don't have more of that fabric and i wanted to make him another shirt.


Awww. They look so Happy Together ^_^


He's pants were hard to sew, I didn't had a pattern and I ended up with 2 pairs of funky-ugly crooked pants


I think they make a really nice couple don't you think?

Well ta ta for now, I have to make dinner and some pending errands, Enjoy your day and
♥ Take Care

Oh! Gocco ♥

Love the weather today, not to cool and not to hot, it's perfect ^_^, It's weird how can the weather can inspire you to create.

Well as I've told you in previous posts, I've been experimenting with my new toy, unfortunately because I got really sick I didn't got the chance to finish the cute bunnies, but I'm working on them as we speak, there waiting to be sewn and stuffed ^_^

So Yes! I finally got the Gocco I wanted to badly, Willy got it for me 3 months ago, I didn't used it then because I was waiting for supplies (bulbs, ink, etc) and the Print on fabric ink set I got on ebay.


The main reason I wanted a Gocco is because it's easy to print on fabric, this idea makes me nuts!!, Imagine my own design on pouches, patches,bags,totes, and many more items!!! Yay! I'm really exited about it


These are the screens and that little bunny was my practice original, I didn't went with that design, instead I picked the bunny that has a mouth, both on them look cute anyways. The Gocco was very easy to use, the only inconvenience I had with the master was that some of the laser toner got stock to the screen when i burned my image, I used the blue filter but I think that wasn't enough, next time I'm gonna reduce the intensity of the toner when I print the original to prevent this.


Here it is, all ready to print It looks like whipped cream or vanilla icing lol, I'll show you the rest of my project in another post ^_^ because I'm so hungry and I need to grab some lunch, I enjoyed printing gocco, it was fun and problem free, can't wait to use it to print designs and patterns on fabric.

Well I hope the weather it's nice were you live :)
Enjoy your Day ♥
See Ya!

- Shopping Japanese -

How are you doing ??
I hope you're fine, Willy has an ugly flu X_X and I think I'm next because my head hurts and I started sneezing X_X, I hate being sick.... anyway
My WIP for today are some fabric bunnies, just finished the final design and I intend to print them today ^_^, Curious?? well just let me say it involves screen printing lol, love this project is so exiting!! but I'll show them to you later.

Today i want to show you the - Surprise Bag - I got a while ago from Occupaid SHOP

I just love that shop, It carries super cute Japanese Imports and some really nice brands likeAranzi Aronzo and the precious Hakoinu along with other amazing characters, she also carries some DYI designers like Heidi Kenney and M Patricio.
Inside this amazing bad I found a lot of Aranzi Aronzo Items like a notepad,pen,postcard,face cloth,mirror,card holder and a beautiful bunny patch!! ^_^, It also included a limited original handmade toy by My Guys.

This - Surprise Bag - is packed with goodies and it cost me $15 with FREE SIPPING!! Can you believe that?? 0_0 , it's impossible to resist plush she has excellent customer service and Fast Shipping!


I recently got me this Hakoinu magnet Also from HER SHOP, this little guy measures a little more than an inch and is made with the same cardboard material as the big version.


I wanted to buy me a Big Hakoinu but they all SOLD OUT very fast, So if see some goodies you like from Occupaid You better buy them right away before there gone :(.

You can see her new merch and shop updates here occupiedshoppe at her LJ Blog

Well that's all for now, I'm so happy with my goodies that I wanted to pass the link :)

See you on Friday
Take Care ♥

.: Mexican Dolly :.

Happy Monday !!

Hope you enjoy your weekend, I did relax a bit watching movies with my family and playing the drums like crazy lol my arms and legs hurt X_X but it totally worth it :).

I've been wanting to show you a little Mexican dolly I made months ago, this work is completely different like everything I've done before, I used hard canvas fabric and other typical Mexican textiles.The design is based on the traditional dolls they make in Oaxaca , I changed the face and left the typical clothing.

I hope you like her, I've been experimenting with a lot of techniques lately and I have discovered new and exiting things I want to learn, Most of the time I tend to feel quite overwhelmed about all the different styles I like and want to work on lol.

Well here it is, meet - Rosita ^_^ (little rose)
She's 12 inches tall and filled with hard polyfil like old rag dolls, I noticed that it makes a huge difference when you use soft or hard filling, these dolls usually are very hard. For the hair I used a weird Mexican yarn I found in Tijuana and I really like how it turned out.


Scarlett loves her and she requested a little boy companion for her, so he's in the works right now I still need to dress him and sew some body parts, I will introduce you to him when I'm finished.

That's all for now, Don't forget to make your paper doll! :)
Take Care and See you around ♥

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