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:: Painting Matchboxes ::

It's a little hot today, It's almost 10:30 and my head is starting to hurt, I not very comfortable in hot weather, I love to sew and when it gets too hot is impossible to sit in one place and concentrate.
Anyway I hope you're having better weather over there :)

I've been painting lately, suddenly I've been having lots of inspiration maybe because I need to practice for some interesting art projects :), Here are 2 matchboxes I painted, i hope you like them :)


oh! bunny :), I choose to paint bunnies because I want to use these in upcoming swaps and a cute bunny suits the theme for this month.


One pink and the other purple :), I used acrylics and glitter to give the clouds a little texture, they measure 3" tall and 2.5 wide


I also wanted to paint a blue one but I run out of boxes, I recycle them from my gastritis prescription lol I have to take 2 pills daily so I end up with a lot of empty boxes :) I prefer to decorate them instead of making more garbage.


And look at the goodies I got form the :Super kawaii Swap :: a private swap at Swap-bot, my partner Drewzel knows how to please a kawaii maniac like me, loved everything specially the cram cream deco-tape and the elephant stationery.

Well I'll show you more of the goodies I got in another post, now I have to clean this desk and I want to sew something today, it's been a while, I need to make me a pouch or a little bag for an upcoming swap :)

Take Care ♥ and
Have a Crafty Day!

- Swaps 'n More Swaps -

Hi Again!

Just a quick little post to let know my Swap Administrators at Swap-Bot that I sent mine just In time ^_^
I hope they get to their destinations really soon


This Package is for the - Super Kawaii Super Swappers Swap - A special VIP swap,I received an invitation and I couldn't resist, I hope my Secret Partner likes everything , this is a peek there's still more goodies in that envelope. I'm all exited can't wait to get mine ^_^

This one is for -My Tiny Box of Joy- they created this swap to erase all the negative feelings about scammers on swapbot and since I've had horrible experiences with Swap-Bot before I decides to give it a try and make someone happy ^_^.


My Secret Partner Loves Happy Potter so I decides to decorate the matchbox with HP Items, I filled the box with 1"buttons and made some little book notepads ^_^, I also send her some coloring-story books I found at a local store.

There's more pictures at my flickr page if you want to see the details ^_^
See you around
Take Care ♥