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Entries by tag: received

- Snail Mail - Received

How are you today??
I'm still quite sick and the darn weather isn't helping at all :( but ohh well.
Like I Posted before, these are the rest of the goodies I got in the mail the other day, I'm so in love with the Lucky Parcels


These are the ones I received, too bad I missed the Black & white one for this month, but I just sign up for the mushroom and flower theme swap for next month, Can't wait, If you want to check out these swap them visit the
Lucky Parcel Swap at Flickr


I got these lovely surprises from the Fat Quarter Fabric Swap at Flickr, I specially love the flowery print, such lovely details,My partner did an amazing job! THANKS!


And finally Look at this cool swap, My partner from the FAA Sponsor Fabric Swap at Flickr, She send such a pretty flannel FQ and lots of extra goodies, like the rad HK pin ^_^, This one totally made my day!

Well these are a lot of goodies for a day :), I got more mail yesterday! a lovely package from LiLi and other kawaii stuff.

Enjoy your day and
Take Care ♥

- Lots of Goodies & Promos -

I finally took some pictures of the snail mail goodies I recently received :), ready for some eye candy?


This is the super kawaii parcel I got from Shiyu :) , we made a private swap of fabrics, kawaii stationery and other goodies, She got me the Q-lia letter sets I wanted for my collection, I haven't showed you the photos yet but it's huge :), She also sent me the cutest Japanese fabric but I'm saving those photos for later :) I have more pictures of these swaps at My Flickr, Thanks a Bunch Shiyu ^_^


Aren't these cute? they're pencils, they came along with lots of nice goodies in the package that Kat sent me all the way from New Zealand, the pink is for Scarlett and the little chick one is for moi ^_^, show you more of this special one in another post


I also swapped some FQ with Erin, I loved all the fabrics she sent - THANKS ! -


I made these buttons to include in swaps and as promos for the Comic-Con, I want to send them to Xenia aka textdrivebys along with other goodies, I better hurry because I'm a little behind on these, I may have to ship them priority ASAP.


Well I'm off to work now, Take Care and
Enjoy your day!

See ya tomorrow

I love Smail Mail

Happy 4th of July ^_^

I hope the weather Isn't too hot were you live so you can enjoy a nice BBQ :), this is just a quick post to show you the goodies I mentioned in my previous post.

My hands are sore :(, I was making buttons for some promos I need to ship and my fingers started hurting a lot, I have copper allergy (among other metal allergies)and it sucks because the brooches of the pins are made with this material so I always have to suffer when I make them lol, It's ok because I love making buttons, but this time my hands got all red and it hurt a lot :( don't know why this time was much worse than the others, Anyway

Here are the goodies I got in the mail


This is a closed up of the KMS - Animal Kingdom - Swap, I really liked all the extras I got,lots of loose memos, stickers,candy and this cute HK, Thanks a Bunch!!


Ohh and this bag is functioning as my provisional camera case lol it's the perfect size made of soft canvas fabric:) I got it in the - Bag of Treats Swap-


My partner for the CRAFT Matchbox Swap send me the coolest materials, I really liked the cherry and polka dot fabric, she made the card herself :), Thanks a Bunch for all the goodies.


And finally this are the FQ's I sent to Erin, we are trading Fabrics, I hope she gets them soon.

Well that's all, I'm making stuffed rice ball today ^_^ so I have to be going, Have lots of fun! and how me all your pictures ♥

Have a nice day!

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