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Entries by tag: plush

- My First Carving -


The day is sunny and warm over here, it's a good thing because It's been quite cold and I was starting to fell a little sick, but the Spring sun brings a smile to my face and makes me feel better.


Like I mentioned in my precious email I had lots of things to show you, one of those things are my first handmade stamps!!! Yes I was brave enough to give it a try, thanks to my dear Friend LiLi that inspired me to try it after seeing her cute creations. And I came up with these a envelope mail stamp a spring leaf and a WIP mushie that I am going to show you later.


Not bad for my first try right? I am very satisfied with these and I have many more on the works right now, I also need to get the proper tools, carving blocks and ink pads because I carved these on erasers I had on my desk, is a really cool feeling and I want to try and make some with real carving rubber.

Passing to other goodies, I will continue to post all the swap parcels I've received over the past month :), I've been reading many emails asking for the photos and finally here are some of them, I hope you like them as much as I did.


These are the wonderful fabrics I got form my private swap with Jen ^_^, she's great and she sent me the cutest card :), Thanks Jen I really enjoyed our swap, can't wait to swap again!


ohh and How I wish this little Sewing Machine was real :), it would look great real size don't you think? I finally have this cute machine after a year of searching and asking for it everywhere, I made a Private swap with Shi form Brazil, they had it over there and she was kind enough to send me one along with the cutest HK candies and goodies.


Like for example this little Hello Kitty :) she's a cutie and that apple is so practical, I wish I had more for the craft studio to organize little things while working. Thanks for everything Shi ~ THANKS A BUNCH!
I added more pictures of the goodies she sent at my Flickr :)

Well It's late and I better get back to work, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Pineapple Hello Kitty Says Bye Bye!

Matchboxes - Received and Sent


It's so hot and Sunny here :) a good day to eat ice cream or take a walk at the park :)

I've been working on my pending swaps and I love to work with matchboxes they're so small and cute and you can fill them and decorate them with lots of nifty items, I've been having fun painting them :) here is the Kawaii Matchbox Swap I've sent recently -->


My partner lives near here and she got it yesterday :) I'm glad she liked it, I send her dome mini erasers, mini memos a plush I made with my gocco among other goodies.


And I was lucky enough to receive this lovely surprise from Ann Disaster from flickr ^_^ a Mushie matchbox filled with kawaii stickers and a monkey pin

She also send me some Japanese sweets and 5 adorable postcards from my favorite Illustrator.


I'm definitely going to frame this postcards , they're from Catalina Estrada a Super Designer and Illustrator, love her work , She's Colombian but resides in Spain now, she has design adds and products for Coca-cola and Nike and other famous brands ^_^, I'm in love with her illustrations ans work , check her web page to see a sample of her enormous talent.

Well I'm going now, because I'm sewing a big motorcycle bag for my hubby I'll tell you more of that in another post :)

have a crafty day :)

.: Mexican Dolly 2 :.

How are you?? I hope you're fine, I'm catching up with the journal, didn't post yesterday because I took Willy to the airport (business trip) and then I went to a Big fabric warehouse in TJ , It's heaven in there they have really amazing fabrics ^_^ they gave me some samples catalogs and the wholesale price lists, I'm so exited about this project .. I'll tell you more as It resolves itself.. I don't want to spoil it. ;)

Remember about the little guy I told you in This Post Well I finally finished him,It took me a while to make his clothes and hair, he was more difficult to sew than Rosita but now that he's all done he will keep company to Rosita , I don't know he's name yet... I'm thinking of Juan? Jose? any suggestions?


He measures 13.5 inches tall and filled with the same hard polyfil like Rosita,I made his shirt with a nice cotton fabric piece that I was going to throw away, good thing that i keep it , because i think he looks nice ;) the sad thing is that I don't have more of that fabric and i wanted to make him another shirt.


Awww. They look so Happy Together ^_^


He's pants were hard to sew, I didn't had a pattern and I ended up with 2 pairs of funky-ugly crooked pants


I think they make a really nice couple don't you think?

Well ta ta for now, I have to make dinner and some pending errands, Enjoy your day and
♥ Take Care

- Happy Easter -

Happy Monday!

It's nice to read all the fun you had Yesterday, We ate a lot of candy and watched some movies lol it was a lot of fun.
After all the good vibes that you send me, I got very sick las week and I wasn't able to post i don't know whats wrong with my immune system lately but jeezz.. it's horrible I also need to go to the dentist fast because 2 of my wisdom teeth are ripping my little mouth and it hurts A LOT X_X.

Passing on to cuter things, Marianne send me this Easter Goodies along with her swap package, Thank You Marianne you're the best!

Well and since I didn't post this cutie Friday, here it is!


Yes It's Mario ^_^, with a bunny suit, oh how I love he's rabbit ears,


this toy was really easy to make, it took me like 15 minutes and because his body is white, you wont waste to much ink, so you know the drill
Just a quick update to show you what I'm going to add to my Etsy Shop Tomorrow ^_^, I will make a big update With tons of Holiday Goodies and Gingerbread Cookies.

look at these little cuties --->




Take Care and enjoy the rest of your day ♥

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