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It's Paper Toy Friday ^_^

Yay It's Friday ^_^!!

I had a really exiting week, Sorry I didn't got the chance to post until now :), I received a lot of Kawaii goodies in the mail along with other surprises that I will show you later, Also We got a Super Cool Drum Set !! I've always wanted one and I have been practicing all week and I totally Love it . I need to take some pictures to show you, Scarlett got the hang of it very fast, we all love music here and we specially love to make noise LOL

Oh and since is still Friday here is the Paper Toy for this weekend --->


This is my favorite paper toy so far, It is truly Precious and oh so beautiful, It took me about two hours to assemble, because it has a lot of detail that you need to be careful with, but it's really worth the try, This little baby will make your day believe me.
Designed by Kiwi Fruit another super talented designer, check her work and illustration at her Blog


To make this little baby, Follow the steps of my last post, DOWNLOAD + PRINT + ASSEMBLE = HAVE FUN!


Take Care and See you on Monday ♥

Paper Toy .: Friday :.

I hope you're having a great Friday, We have some nice weather today, sunny but not very hot, it's a really nice day to take a walk or eat some ice cream. Yummy! :)

Since I started this Blog-Journal, I've been sharing little things with you, but somehow I always forget to post about one of my Favorites, my Paper Toy Obsession, I don't really know why I forget to show you my little toys , maybe it's because I'm always showing new projects or Kawaii goodies.
Well, from now on I'm gonna show you a really cool Paper Toy every Friday, so you can print it and assemble it with your love ones over the weekend ^_^ Sounds like a good idea?? I sure hope so :)


These are some of the materials you will need, some scissors or X-acto knives and your normal or favorite glue will do fine.


Print the toy on heavy stock paper if you don't have any print it on a normal sheet and then glue it on a used folder,card stock, thin cardboard or on another hard but flexible surface.


Follow the instructions on the sheet, cut and glue each part carefully and you will end up with a really nice toy to decorate your office or to put on your desk. ^_^

This Cutie was designed by Jules a really cool Illustrator, Visit the Link to see more of his Wonderful Work.

That's the toy for this Friday, Take Care and
Enjoy your weekend ♥