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Artpack Project - WIP -

I'm craving sushi today again :), but I'm all out of nori :( , so I guess I will be having some sandwiches instead.

In my Last Post I showed you my crazy doodles for the art project and now these are the Wip Photos.


I have to say that I've been wanting an excuse to use this awesome color,one of my favorites, I can't get enough of it lately.


I received my pack for the collaboration months ago X_X, but I was to busy to get myself to paint them, Finally I found some time in the week to work on them, I hate being behind on these projects.


There is a mess in my craft table , but now I have lots of fabric instead of brushed and acrylics, I don't know why I always find it hard to keep it clean.


I think they're coming along nicely :), I'll show the rest of them later

Well have to eat something now lol, See you on Friday , I'm going to post a Christmas Paper toy, Yay!

Take Care ♥