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- Monday Cleaning -

What a crazy weekend it was :), but I still had fun after all, I went fabric shopping and received some really great canvas samples from my vendor, ohh I'm so crazy for fabric, I tend to have these fabric urges lol, looking and touching fabric is very inspiring.


I was so Inspired by the lovely colors of this fabric that I made a pin cushion and loved how it turned out, I made two , one for the bag of treats and one for me, ohh and I must tell you that I have a new obsession, I love these quilting pins with cute heads, too bad I can't find them here, I was lucky enough to find those heart shape ones at Joann's the other day and my friend Barbara send me a sampler of her collection in a swap we made.

I you have pins like these, please share them with me :), I could trade you for the ones I have or other things.


This is a peek of my end of the :: Bag of Treats Swap :: If you're curious and want to look more pics of all the goodies look at My Flickr

I finally used a piece of my wonderful Decole fabric , I didn't want to cut it , but I really like how the bag turned out. I want to make more bags and a pouch.


ohh and I got these cuties in the mail 2 weeks ago, these are my favorite kind of memos -Die Cut- big or small I love them!
They're from KAMIO Japan and from the :: Pop'n Friends Line:: I think they have some left here at Kawaii Corner they sell so fast.
I also got me a die cut panda memo pad but I'm going to post that later.

Well I thinks that's enough eye candy for today :), Have to clean my desk the craft table and the threads and scraps of fabric that are stuck in the carpet. X_X

Take Care and Have a Crafty Day ♥