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:: Pretty Containers ::

How are you doing?

I've been feeling a little better now :), I got some nice rest last night I went to bed early to catch up on my beauty rest lol

Today is Feb 13 - Scarlett's Birthday!!! ^_^ She's 10 years old now, time pass so fast , I can't believe she's ten already, soon a teenager :( I love my baby so very much that I wish she would stay like she's today, but then again she's my best friend and I would love to hang out with her in coffee shops and other places were she can't go right now lol, that's the cool thing about being a young mother, I'm 26 and after I loose my baby I will gain a friend .. Cool!


I also wanted to talk about my endless obsession with pretty containers lol, Yes I ♥ them, I like to collect them and see them all over the studio, I like boxes, tin cans, buckets,crates,metal and plastic tubs, wooden and paper trinket boxes are the best ^_^


Here is a sample of my collection, my most recent addition are the - Decole anticca - mushroom tin canisters, these are great, I fill the red one with metal brads, beads and a needle case and the other one with bias tape,they are so pretty and useful :)


Scarlett and I are crazy for mushrooms, each time we go shopping, we find ourselves is a quest to find pretty mushrooms ^_^, It is hard but we had find little items.


We also find these heart buckets, I wanted to fill them with candy and send them to my friends but I run out of time :(, so I will save them for next year, I have this one on the high shelf of my desk at home with yummy candy.


And finally this is a peek of the embroidery project I am currently working on :), I had this image in my mind and I had to draw it, I would like to work more on it to make a pattern and use it as background for my new site.

I'll show you more of my embroidery later :), I'm off to wrap presents :), I am not going to tell what because she might be reading my blog and I really want to surprise her, she's a sneaky girls and she always finds out one way or another, so I am taking security measures lol

I hope you have a great day
See ya tomorrow!

.: Mushrooms and More Mushrooms :.

Rain rain go away! I want to take some pictures today! lol
It's still kinda cold here, my fingers are ice cold and hard as bricks.

I stayed up late again, this time organizing my font archives , I had lots of duplicates and those were giving me trouble, I haven't finished, I need to install some new ones and delete lots of useless zip files, a very tedious job, but hopefully I will be able to breathe under the sea of folders.


I am sleepy like this guy over here :), I finished the little guys I showed you in my last post , some here for the - Lucky Parcel Swap - and the others for the mini stationery sets I've made.


Here are the Lucky Parcels, It was a mushroom theme and I got really exited, I wish I had more time to decorate the bags, but I was behind with stuff, I wanted to print a mushroom pattern I made the other day, bu I had no time for that and I pasted some Q-lia Mushies , they turned out fine, but I still want to make the other ones :)


Here are the goodies contained in each little brown bag, mushie fabric,bias tape,buttons,rick rack,pipe cleaners,embroidery floss,ribbon,pins,thread among other goodies. I personally would love to receive one of these , imagine an anonymous parcel with all these goodies :), I'm dreaming now lol


I finally made my - Gingham Mushroom - Mini Stationery Set I had lots of fun putting these sets together, some were for the - 5 things Mushroom Swap- and the other ones to send to friends, I think I will have to make more to send as little Valentine Gifts, because they ended up looking cute.


Just look at these guys :), I made the envelopes myself form kraft paper, It took me some time, but they are the perfect size for the paper sheet :), Scarlett loved the stickers, She requested a full sheet, The mushroom illustration was inspired by the mushroom plushies I made a while ago with Scarlett, we are drawing more versions, can't wait to male those.


And finally, look at my sleepy - Spool Mushroom - I have a bunch of these waiting to be coated and finished :), I will post them later, this was just a prototype and I am making me an army ♥

I off to eat something and then back to work work work, exiting things are coming and I better be prepared :)

Have a nice day! ♥

:: Stamp Obssesion ::

hello hello :) there

The weather it's perfect right now, not that hot and I'm going to take advantage of this to finish sewing all the stuff that's been sitting around in my craft table.

I finished my Lucky parcel baggies Yesterday ,now I need to take pictures of them before shipping them to their new homes.

Now as you know I love to collect stamps, I recently got a new Q-Lia set and I wanted to share them with you


- Smile Pocket Stamp Set- by Q-Lia Japan

I love this line because it has the coolest characters, the stamps are really cute and the ink smells like candy.



I love all 16 stamps, I wish the made another set with bigger stamps, I like these ones but I'm specially keen of medium- large size stamps.

My favorites are the bee,apple,clover,strawberry and the Mushroom of course :)

Tomorrow is -Paper Toy Friday - and I need to finish the paper toy for tomorrow, It has something to do with fairy tales ^_^ So Expect something like that :)

so Take care and Have a Crafty day!

Matchboxes - Received and Sent


It's so hot and Sunny here :) a good day to eat ice cream or take a walk at the park :)

I've been working on my pending swaps and I love to work with matchboxes they're so small and cute and you can fill them and decorate them with lots of nifty items, I've been having fun painting them :) here is the Kawaii Matchbox Swap I've sent recently -->


My partner lives near here and she got it yesterday :) I'm glad she liked it, I send her dome mini erasers, mini memos a plush I made with my gocco among other goodies.


And I was lucky enough to receive this lovely surprise from Ann Disaster from flickr ^_^ a Mushie matchbox filled with kawaii stickers and a monkey pin

She also send me some Japanese sweets and 5 adorable postcards from my favorite Illustrator.


I'm definitely going to frame this postcards , they're from Catalina Estrada a Super Designer and Illustrator, love her work , She's Colombian but resides in Spain now, she has design adds and products for Coca-cola and Nike and other famous brands ^_^, I'm in love with her illustrations ans work , check her web page to see a sample of her enormous talent.

Well I'm going now, because I'm sewing a big motorcycle bag for my hubby I'll tell you more of that in another post :)

have a crafty day :)

- Mushies and more Mushies -


Nice Sunny day were are having here, not to hot and not that cold either, I like it when the wind blows like this :)

Many things have happened since my last post :) , I've been working a lot and taking pictures of my old work like crazy :) I just finished yesterday and I wanted to rest a bit and sew something, cuz I have a lot of cute fabric that I want to use :) that's making me incredibly giddy right now.

I need to work on some PDF files today in order for them to be really by tomorrow or Tuesday, Another exiting thing is that I've been receiving lots of invitations for fun and interesting art projects ~ Yay! can't wait to receive my material so I can start working on my contributions :) that's something I'm looking forward to.

So since I got lots of pictures that I wont be needing for my project ,I'm going to post them here :)

Say hello to my little Mushie here lol

It's of combination of quilting and embroidery over linen :), made with Heather Baileys Fresh Cut Fabrics Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut Fabrics I bought, the linen is mounted on a 8 x 10 canvas for the picture only lol because I need to buy the frames :), I liked how it turned out, this cutie is going to Scarlett's wall, because she's crazy for mushrooms lately. I also made her a t-shirt but I'm saving that picture for later.

I've also noticed that a mushroom mania it's spreading on blogs and Flickr, must be because we have lots of inspiration , like the cute mushrooms from Kamio and Q-lia and little kawaii stationery like the ones I have here -->


These cute memos are form the Pop'n Friends Collection by Kamio Japan, I got these in an ebay auction a few months ago and I love them all, I haven't seen them in a pack before , there so hard to find :)


And you know I love stamps, self inking, handmade you name it, I love them even more if they are kawaii like these ones by Q-lia!, with cute stationery Scarlett and I get super inspired :) we both fanatics of Japanese cuteness.

I've been receiving lots of snail mail :), I need to take some pictures so I can show you the goods!, well I better get back to work.

Take Care and
Have a crafty day!

- Toad Mushroom ::PTF:: 'n Goodies -

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a very productive week, mine was a little hectic because I'm finishing and adjusting a lot of things that were sitting around on my to-do list, I wont be around here this weekend because I'm going to format and Install a new OS in my desktop computer and I will be busy backing up info and installing software.
In other news you can see the new look X_X It seems that LJ disabled my "personal theme" and If I want it back I have to pay the account again, and since I haven't been very happy with LJ , I decided that I will syndicate it from another blog , I will tell you witch one later.

Passing to more pleasant things, I got the most lovely surprise in my mail the other day ^_^


from the lovely Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane


A bag full of wonderful goodies; a Strawberry Lipgloss, little notecards, lollipops, beautiful paper a postcard and a cute apple photo frame!

It's magical how a hand full of these little things can bright up your day :), I was lucky enough to Win this little treasure in Heidi's Blog Givaway. Another great reason for reading her amazing Blog
If by any reason you haven't seen her site, DO IT RIGHT NOW, You just have to LOL.


And Yes!! Today is ::PTF:: Paper Toy Friday and I have this classic Nintendo Mushie that Everyone likes!

- Toad - Was really easy to make a total of 16 minutes,He's body parts are very simple and not as small as other paper toys, so you won't have a hard time with his pieces. This is a great Paper Toy for kids!
I found him about a year ago in a Japanese Website, but that site is down now :( but the credits are in the cutting sheet :).


Isn't he adorable?? Go on I want to see yours lol You know what to do



Little Toad Wishes You To Have a Happy Weekend! ♥
Take Care and have Fun

.: My Precious :.

I see that most of you had a wonderful weekend, lots of Halloween Parties and Day of the dead shows :) and other related events! I'm Happy for all of you!, I also had tons of fun at the mini crafty show in TJ , I will show you the photos later when I get the ones I'm missing.

I wanted to post some X-mas Stuff, but I will wait after Halloween because I have tons of goodies to show you, goodies like - This precious MUSHIE - (see more pics above the cut)


Oh! He's such a cutie!! this is my precious, the one that smiles at me when I enter in my crafty sanctuary and salutes me with his sweet and delightful vanilla aroma. This gem was a gift from -Softsweet- a friend form Taiwan, she also send me this lovely treats.
- - - - - - - -- THANK YOU SO SO MUCH SWEETIE!!! I LOVE IT ALL ^_^ - - - - - - -


A Heidi Postcard form her trip to Thailand, my favorite koala biscuits, a cute soup for me ans Scarlett and some Japanese yogurt scotch candy ^_^ yummy!
See More Here ♥Collapse )

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