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.: 5 minutes of fame :. LOL

I'm gonna try and make this post quick because I need to grab something to eat, my tummy hurts and my eyes are killing me, I'm working on something that requires lots of detail and light so my eyes are very tired because all my lamps suck, damn crappy light gives me headaches X_X.


I wanted to show what i got in the mail the other day :),my buttons from Kyle buttonarcade she makes the coolest stuff, like that monster button so cute!, she also send a lot of "totally indie" coupons along with the goodies, those coupons are a really great option for all of you that have your own crafty/indie Business, I've wanted to get some but maybe in the next round when I get my decent site up first.


This pic is from a year ago when I ordered this guy, If you want to see more pic of the goodies i got that time -->
see here
and here


I got the Insta-Button collection of Kendra Binney, love her paintings,her style,her colors and the fact that she paints in wood :), Kyle found her at etsy !! check out her work here -->

In other news, I got my 5 minutes of fame from the moo blog, it seems that they liked my smiley skype moo cards and they post my pic and mention my user in their blog ^_^ look-->

Thanks Again Moo-

Well better get going,I will post a poll tomorrow, I'm curious about something but tell you later
Take Care and
Have a great day ♥

.: Got Moo? :.


I got my FREE Skype Moo's the other day, all the way from London, and there really nice!! I wanted some of the Flickr ones but I didn't catch the promo on time :(, but these are cool also :), I'm thinking on getting some with my flickr pictures, love the size and the material.


Don't you just love their package design? really awesome


and the blue bubble a great space to say HI!!

If you haven't heard of them here's the link, check them out --->

In other news the weather isn't as hot as yesterday but still hot X_X makes my head hurt, well i'll go to work now, Have a great day!

Take Care ♥