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Paper Toy .: Friday :.

I hope you're having a great Friday, We have some nice weather today, sunny but not very hot, it's a really nice day to take a walk or eat some ice cream. Yummy! :)

Since I started this Blog-Journal, I've been sharing little things with you, but somehow I always forget to post about one of my Favorites, my Paper Toy Obsession, I don't really know why I forget to show you my little toys , maybe it's because I'm always showing new projects or Kawaii goodies.
Well, from now on I'm gonna show you a really cool Paper Toy every Friday, so you can print it and assemble it with your love ones over the weekend ^_^ Sounds like a good idea?? I sure hope so :)


These are some of the materials you will need, some scissors or X-acto knives and your normal or favorite glue will do fine.


Print the toy on heavy stock paper if you don't have any print it on a normal sheet and then glue it on a used folder,card stock, thin cardboard or on another hard but flexible surface.


Follow the instructions on the sheet, cut and glue each part carefully and you will end up with a really nice toy to decorate your office or to put on your desk. ^_^

This Cutie was designed by Jules a really cool Illustrator, Visit the Link to see more of his Wonderful Work.

That's the toy for this Friday, Take Care and
Enjoy your weekend ♥