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It's About Time !!

Hi everyone! I know I have been a very inconsiderate blogger and that I've been neglecting this journal of mine for a while now:( and It's about time!
I took the time to say hello to you and catch up with all that you have been doing in my absence.
I must confess that I have been reading some of your journals on my Bloglines every now and then but It's not enough.

I have miss you very much ^_^

Many things Good and Bad have occurred in this time, first I got the chance to relax a bit and had some time to think about all of the things I want to do - creatively - I have so many ideas that sometimes is quite overwhelming, I feel very frustrated when I'm not able to do them all at the same time X_X that makes me nuts, and I have to learn how to channel all those ideas and creativity so they can one day EXIST in other place besides my head and notebooks :), but like most of the things talking about them is so much easier than when you actually have to do them.

And to make this post less boring to you and spare you my life's story, I can reduce what have happened in my life to these two points -->

1.- Somebody STOLE MY CAR that was parked in front of my mexican house in Tijuana on Valentine's Day morning :(

2.- I've been working in some new projects and in consequence I have acquired TONS, LOADS and OBSCENE Quantities of Crafting Materials and - FABRIC - among other goodies.

The good thing is that We're working on getting a new car although it will take some time. But enough about that.

I want to show you something that I had for a long time, I didn't take pictures before because I had her standing there looking cute for me :), but now it's time to share her with you.


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