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Entries by tag: handmade

- My First Carving -


The day is sunny and warm over here, it's a good thing because It's been quite cold and I was starting to fell a little sick, but the Spring sun brings a smile to my face and makes me feel better.


Like I mentioned in my precious email I had lots of things to show you, one of those things are my first handmade stamps!!! Yes I was brave enough to give it a try, thanks to my dear Friend LiLi that inspired me to try it after seeing her cute creations. And I came up with these a envelope mail stamp a spring leaf and a WIP mushie that I am going to show you later.


Not bad for my first try right? I am very satisfied with these and I have many more on the works right now, I also need to get the proper tools, carving blocks and ink pads because I carved these on erasers I had on my desk, is a really cool feeling and I want to try and make some with real carving rubber.

Passing to other goodies, I will continue to post all the swap parcels I've received over the past month :), I've been reading many emails asking for the photos and finally here are some of them, I hope you like them as much as I did.


These are the wonderful fabrics I got form my private swap with Jen ^_^, she's great and she sent me the cutest card :), Thanks Jen I really enjoyed our swap, can't wait to swap again!


ohh and How I wish this little Sewing Machine was real :), it would look great real size don't you think? I finally have this cute machine after a year of searching and asking for it everywhere, I made a Private swap with Shi form Brazil, they had it over there and she was kind enough to send me one along with the cutest HK candies and goodies.


Like for example this little Hello Kitty :) she's a cutie and that apple is so practical, I wish I had more for the craft studio to organize little things while working. Thanks for everything Shi ~ THANKS A BUNCH!
I added more pictures of the goodies she sent at my Flickr :)

Well It's late and I better get back to work, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Pineapple Hello Kitty Says Bye Bye!

- White, Pinks and Reds -

How's your Monday going ?

Mine started a little lazy, it's cold and It's hard to get out of bed, lucky enough we had some Hot Mexican Chocolate from last night, so that game me a little more energy :)

I am still a little sleepy because I stayed up all night looking at my photo Archive C_C there's a lot to be done and tons of photos to post, I am trying to organize all my files because it's hard to work when you have a mess and I've been procrastinating on that for some time.

Now let me post some White, Pinks and Reds ^_^, I've been looking at these colors everywhere and I can help myself to be inspired.


Here's my ♥ Valentine Fabric Stash ♥ lots and lots of hearts in white, pink and red, too cute! some of these fabrics are from last year and I got 2 new ones this year, I want to make plushy hearts, can't wait.


I just love Gingham Fabric, as soon as cut a small piece of it to make a YoYo I saw a little mushie friend telling me; .... make me .... Make ME!!! and I did, just look at him :) perfect for valentine charms , I am gonna make him some friends because he's all alone right now.



Here's my - Crafty Mushie WorkStation - I've been thinking of doing these mushie items for so long, I have them all in my sketchbook waiting to be done, but sadly I hardly find time to make my ideas, Sometimes I feel very bad because I am dying to make new stuff, I have old projects from 3 years ago that I'm still thinking about, that's why I'm organizing everything, maybe if I have everything in the right place it won't be so difficult to start crafting in the middle of the night :) this remind me that i need to get me some new lamps because the desk lamp I have sucks and makes my eyes hurt.


A sample of my - Stamp Collection - I love vintage used stamps, those are the best, here you will find some from Rome,Denmark and Austria :), I will keep posting more of these, they are a treat to look at!

Have to get back to work, Take Care and Have a Crafty Day!

- Boxy Fawn - Paper Toy PTF

Happy Saturday!!

I wanted to post his on Paper Toy Friday but I was out shopping and I came home too late ^_^, You still have time to make this one over the weekend because it is very simple and cute.


It's - Boxy Fawn - designed byEnamor


This one is super simple and cute, little kids won't have a problem with this one, it took me only 5 minutes to assemble and this time I didn't used the UHU glue as I always do, this time I tied the double sided tape Clarice sent me and It was perfect. because this toy has only long straight tabs and tape is perfect to glue those spots.

Well I hope you have a fun weekend, if you're bored , take your glue and scissors and follow the instructions

YOU know what to do ^_^



PTF :: Tummie :: Mover Paper Toy

Happy Friday :)

It's hot hot outside and I'm feeling better now :), I can't wait to go swimming, well let me say that I'm really exited with this - Paper Toy Friday - because I have the honor to present to you a super kawaii paper toy, so cute that your eyes will fall out lol ♥

Curious??? ok, Meet
:: Tummie ::


Go on say Hello!!, how can you resist this gorgeous face


Designed for the Super-Duper Talented Chantal from Tummie Design this precious character will light up your day, his expression and Smile makes a great present for anyone :).


This paper toy it's unique because of the little details, Chantal ( the designer) put a lot of effort and detail and it totally pays off, the results are amazing!
It took me 3 hours to cut,glue and assemble, The template was just released Yesterday and I didn't take my time with this one, so that means that the measurements and instructions are very good, simple and precise, so you wont have any problem while putting all the pieces together.

This is a slightly complex Paper Toy because it has small pieces, I recommend the use of tweezers when you want to set up those small pieces in place.
But you don't have to be a pro to make one, you will need a little more patience if you're a beginner :), The difficulty level on this one is Medium ♥


But wait he's not alone, he comes with a happy gang of Mushroom Mates :) that he carries around in his two piece " Mover"
How cool is that??


Don't forget to visit the official:: Tummie:: web site Tummie Design and if you want to see more pictures of Tummie and it's designer visit Tummie Pics at flcikr

Well I hope you enjoyed this Precious Paper Toy a perfect project for the weekend
YOU know what to do ^_^



Tummie wishes you a nice weekend!!
Take Care ♥

PTF :: Big-Foot :: Kawaii Paper Toy

Friday Already :) One more - Paper Toy - to make this weekend

Last week I said I had Paper Toy Pets for this Friday, But I recently found something better , cuter and super fast and easy to assemble.

What is it?? It's Big-Foot , this wonderful kawaii Paper Toy designed by the talented Illustrator Paul Shih


I just love this Paper Toy, it has it all, it's fun, Simple and oh! so Kawaii


It took me 5 - 8 minutes to assemble :) a perfect project for the weekend


Paul Shih created a masterpiece with this one, definitely one of my favorite paper toys ever!


Don't forget to visit Paul's SHOP were you can find lots of cool goodies like screen prints,t-shirts,1"buttons, with Big-Foot and other rad illustrations

YOU know the steps ^_^




Paul and I want to see your pictures!!, so go and make yours!
Have a fun weekend!

PTF :: Totoro :: Paper Toy

It's lucky Friday!

A lazy friday for me lol, I'm so tired and I've been working very hard this week that I didn't have the chance to make a nice paper toy, but don't worry I have a nice cartoon character for you :)

It's Totoro


I took this template and pictures from The Paper Kraft Blog


I haven't tried this one myself , but it looks really fun! :)


I promise a really nice and cute paper toy for next friday, I just want to say that it involves cute puppies :)

In other news I'm super behind in my emails, so I'm sorry if I haven't reply you, I will get to it, now i want to rest because my legs and eyes hurt, what a lazy friday :)

So if you want to try to assemble Totoro you know what to do ^_^



Take Care and Have fun!!

PTF :: Bread and Butterfly :: Paper Toy


It's Paper Toy Friday and this time I found a Fairy tale character form - Alice in Wonderland -


Remember these cute butterflies that Alice found in the Garden, when she talked with the flowers?


Yes I'm talking about the Bread and Butterfly lol ^_^ I've always liked these cuties and finally I got the chance to assemble mine :)


This funny fairy tale Paper Toy is Designed by Claudio Dias, he has more of these toys but I'm going to post one at the time :) so I can assemble each and every one of them ^_^

It took me a while like 40 minutes, this one is not as simple as the other paper toys I've posted, this paper toy is a little more complicated because it has a lot of small pieces and the tabs are small also so you have to be more careful when you're gluing together all the pieces.

But it's worth it, You shroud give it a try ^_^, you know the steps -->


Instructions Here


Enjoy your weekend and Have fun!!
Yay! It's Friday and I got these super cool paper toys for you!


Meet Red-she and Red-him :) a Paper Toy Gloo Man couple I customize from the Gloo Website you can mix and match styles and accessories super fast and easy, when you're finished with your design you will get a PDF template that you can store for printing :).


This is the casual look and on the other side they have their work clothes lol


Designed by Gloo


They're very simple to assemble also it took me about 13 min each :) and the results are awesome! So if you're bored at the office or you desk needs a new toy or you just want to procrastinate a little, these paper toy will do the job.


Download Red-She HERE

Download Red-He HERE


- Flowers Stars and Fabrics -

Hi! how are you?, I hope you're doing fine, I've been working on pending things, procrastinating on the urgent ones X_X , playing with Scarlett and eating to much ice ream, because it's been hotter than usual around here.

I'm also trying to organize all my pictures because they always end up in a mess and the library has grown to a size that I get lost between folders X_X so I need a better system to access everything easily.


Anyway, I haven't finished the motorcycle bag, I need some special metal buttons that I can't find anywhere, I hate it when things like this happen because I don't like to leave unfinished projects, so here are some pictures of a embroidered pouch and some lovely felt flowers I made with Scarltett like 2 years ago.


I just love this embroidery floss, the colors and the way they fade in a single line :), I don't know why i never got to show these pictures, I really love my funky star, if you want to see a wider view of the pouch and the embroidered star look at my flickr Here


Have you seen the new Pirate HK line? ohh It's adorable, I've looked for it at my local Sanrio store but they don't have it, so I had to swap with Moofin from flickr these cute stuff along with fabrics and other stationery she sent.I want to get me the HK Pirate plush, It's so darn cute.


And finally these are some of the fabrics I got the other day, I'm guessing they would look great on a small pincushion or as small squares on a patchwork pouch.

- Monday Cleaning -

What a crazy weekend it was :), but I still had fun after all, I went fabric shopping and received some really great canvas samples from my vendor, ohh I'm so crazy for fabric, I tend to have these fabric urges lol, looking and touching fabric is very inspiring.


I was so Inspired by the lovely colors of this fabric that I made a pin cushion and loved how it turned out, I made two , one for the bag of treats and one for me, ohh and I must tell you that I have a new obsession, I love these quilting pins with cute heads, too bad I can't find them here, I was lucky enough to find those heart shape ones at Joann's the other day and my friend Barbara send me a sampler of her collection in a swap we made.

I you have pins like these, please share them with me :), I could trade you for the ones I have or other things.


This is a peek of my end of the :: Bag of Treats Swap :: If you're curious and want to look more pics of all the goodies look at My Flickr

I finally used a piece of my wonderful Decole fabric , I didn't want to cut it , but I really like how the bag turned out. I want to make more bags and a pouch.


ohh and I got these cuties in the mail 2 weeks ago, these are my favorite kind of memos -Die Cut- big or small I love them!
They're from KAMIO Japan and from the :: Pop'n Friends Line:: I think they have some left here at Kawaii Corner they sell so fast.
I also got me a die cut panda memo pad but I'm going to post that later.

Well I thinks that's enough eye candy for today :), Have to clean my desk the craft table and the threads and scraps of fabric that are stuck in the carpet. X_X

Take Care and Have a Crafty Day ♥

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